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  1. Is it healthy to take joy and pride in the achievements of a sports team you claim as your own?

    why or why not?
  2. Yep because I send my positive energy out when they play. And I think on minute levels we can pick up on these emotional energies and physically empower ourselves and others.
  3. Yeah, what this guy said. Especially if it's your hometown team, they represent your city and therefore you
  4. I'll forever represent my High School team
  5. Part of it feels fake to me. Seeing people at the bars, acting like they just won the lottery 'cause the winning-trend-team scored a goal.

    'Course the true fans are still there, enjoying the games, when the trend train leaves the station, so its not all fake.
  6. I guess without that, sport wouldn't be as popular as it is. Sport is a massive commodity.

    There are some bad aspects, though.

  7. Nice find. I've been a colts fan forever and will be forevermore. But I never been that upset to lose grip on myself.

    I guess since I played sports I know the any given Sunday rule anyone who enters the field stats don't matter. The game is always random unless your playing the Spygate patriots who should have been stripped of all titles after that goose a few years back.
  8. Good thread man, never seen one with this question before

    I don't think it is healthy. And I'm guilty of being a fan, trying to get away from it though. (Go Mavs lol)

    When you follow sports in general, you're wasting your time. All it is is a way to pass time. Just a game. When "your" team loses, it creates negative feelings, and when they win, it gives you a false sense of happiness. They also create negativity and separation between different teams, players, and fans

    Who gives a shit who is better at putting an inflated ball through a hoop, or who can run faster or jump higher, etc.

    Another problem I have with sports is the players' insane salaries. Even bench warmers get paid stupid amounts of money

    Interested to see where this thread goes
  9. i wonder if living in a city or even state with a professional sports team would make one more prone to obesity. alternatively, if living in a state like south dakota, with no professional teams, would make one less prone.

    if someone could find a statistic breaking down obesity rates by city, we might be able to check this out. my thinking is pretty obvious, the more time one spends living through their team, the less time they have to live through themselves (ie: working out/playing the sport themselves)

    i believe it is unhealthy. its a false sense of accomplishment to watch a 'your' team win. your is in ' ' because you have taken zero part in that team except helping to pay their bills.

    i also find it funny, if nothing else, that a community will pay men from around the country, around the world even, to come and represent that community in the athletic spotlight.
  10. bump.

    nobody else has any opinions?

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