VHS ftw?

Discussion in 'General' started by joe Biggs, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. just finish watching Trainspotting on VHS. good move. VHS ftw anyone?


  2. trainspotting ftw, but not vhs
  3. Fuck VHS its all about video cassettes baby.

    but really, I don't own a VCR anymore.
  4. good flick, but id rather watch it on dvd then vhs.
  5. I stopped buying movies when they stopped selling VHS versions.
  6. haha yes. i would rather watch it on my 61" HDTV hooked up to my PS3 for Blu-Ray. although blockbuster didnt have it so i thought, "fuck it i own a VCR" and got it for VHS.

    unfortunately tho my VCR is hooked up to my shit TV, not the huge one. so the movie was fuzzy for parts. all in all tho great movie.
  7. i don't even have VHS player anymore
  8. I still watch National Lampoons Vacation on VHS. A good movie is a good movie regardless what format!
  9. I watch vhs screeners.
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    long live vhs.:D.
  11. Naw, VHS ftl
  12. Dude, i have every disney movie ever made on VHS
  13. for the lose?

    vhs ftw.:D.
  14. Yes lose. But i do have a few old VHS that I wouldnt mind watching again
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    dude its called a VCR, how old are you twelve? remember the past.

    yes bails, exactly. i refuse to throw away my land before time collection for VHS.
  16. VCR?? care to explain :p

  17. bam!

    after watching trainspotting i had to sit there and rewind it. haha, what an experience.
  18. lol ahhh the good ole days sitting around watching vcr... lol Be kind rewind haaa
  19. ha the blockbuster sticker on the VHS. its blurry but its says something to the extend "be kind, rewind.".:D.

    i did.
  20. Those were the days.. VCR was the shit I still got like 100's of VCR tape thingys, smoking a bowl to VCR lol :smoking:

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