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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. lol

    ok ,la,m stoned and drunk/

    l had all these great bitches before ,but l have dail up and stml kicked in :smoke:
  2. lets see. l was bottle feeding the lamd..

    flea sprayed the dogs and cat and lamb,:smoke:

    smoked heaps offffff bongs,

    mrs critter rang wrong phone no and got wrong person,lol,funy story but l carn,t see the heys to type ,lol to old :smoke:

    or toooo much port ,lol.:D
  3. Coolest thread ever, I thought you had to be like 18 or 19 to post in here?
  4. LOL, I bet critter has been smoking pot since before you were born, plastic bob. He's a grandpa and everything. :D
  5. Does that make this incomprehensible thread acceptable?

    How many years do I need to have been smoking before I can post jibberish too?

  6. good point
  7. Ok...let's put it like this:

    Critter was the 15th member to join the City. That was way back when it was coffeeshop-amsterdam. Plus, he's a former Super Mod. So, if he gets a little drunk and comes here and posts one thread in a forum that he helped create, then so be it. He's part of the foundation of the City. Besides, I completely understand him. He was a drunk Aussie in this post and that's perfectly fine.
  8. Basicly he's more respected member than you and me, so if he gets tarded and makes a post who gives a shit, anyone who helped create this community can do what they want, if you don't like it turn a blind eye to it because no higher-up individual is going to care because they respect the man too much.
  9. I love reading peoples drunk and high post makes me laugh, and if you dont like that he posted here, tough dont read it.

  10. I agree.... I mean.. couldn't you tell from the title? :D

    and to keep this thread on topic, I love smoking and drinking together. What do you do first? I usually drink then smoke. To me smoking after is like making the drunk high, which to me feels more "messy" or "unfocused" high, more clear and focused.

    to me when I smoke first it feels like I have a clear high and im making it muddy, what do you guys think?
  11. Yeah... Pretty much :D

    And just so you guys know... There have been some highly respected members who've gone too far who were banned, so don't think the old-farts can get away with anything they like. They still have to follow the rules, too... But really, if a blade (and I mean any blade, really) gets a little too shitty and makes an un-understandable post, it's not a huge deal. Depending on content of said post it'll likely just be deleted or whatever..

    Just for the record, though, I understood critter's post fine - but I've been learning how to speak drunk aussie for some years now ;) :laughing:

  12. Yeah, it's definitely something learned. :D
  13. To me, gibberish. But some of the sweetest gibberish I've ever read. Just, what?!
  14. lol, this is a funny post. I never end up to well after smoking and drinking a lot. i think smoking alot after drinking even more just eggs on a hangover for me.

    isparkmygreens, your from rhode island? you say nowheresville so im guessing somewhere north like foster or south like chariho?
  15. Critter can make drunk/high gibberish threads whenever the fuck he wants because of the time hes put you have a problem with that or something?

    Its simple...some people have been here longer and contributed more while making more friends

    You dont just go in someones house and get away with goofin off if your new...but if you have been a friend of the family awhile your treated different

    Like it or not you are NOT equal and some people are more respected and will be treated differently

    If you wanna share everything and be equal with everyone go back to 2nd grade
  16. Thank you for your support my friends..

    blame unoit ,he told me to get out in the open forums,lol:smoking:

    Sorry if my drunken behavior offended anyone .

    and for the record WE ARE ALL EQUEL, just like blades of grass in a field :smoking:

    So everyone have a great day and commit some random act of kindness.

    My favorite one recently was a 24 yr old down syndrome kid that had missed out on his harley ride on his birthday..

    l listened to his mum telling someone how disappointed he was.

    critter to the rescue,l took him for about 10 miles on the open road,lol, l had grab marks were he was holding on so tight.

    ya,all should have seen the smile on his and his mums face when we got back.
  17. But I like to drink then smoke too because its is like a drunken high. O well I wish I was both or any right now.... (Insert frowney face here)
  18. haha I didn't mean any insults. Didn't know the guy was 52 :D that's pretty classic. But you could see how this could be interpreted as a usless bragging thread by a 15 year old :p

    Never offended me though, moar power to ya hahah.

    hope there is no hate here in the stoner forum

  19. lol,,lets see ,l,d say about 1972 was my first joint.

    so that makes it 35 years ,lol.

    33 yrs married with 4 kids and 5 grandkids l own everything and owe nothing.

    so l come here and waffle shit ,lol, shit l love this place :gc_rocks:

    oh ,and l,ve grown my own and never paid for any in my life.

    oh, and l grow the best shit round,lol.:bongin:

    have a great weekend all.
  20. back in the day (Yeah, I'm a nuther ole' fart)........when critter had better 'puter service, when the bud and port wine kicked hard he would log in as critter2:eek: so you would expect a stoned, drunk ramble, and usually one hell of a good laugh!!:D
    I would love to see critter for real one day, and may actually!

    If you're lucky enough to read many of his posts, you'll find him a very caring,helpful,loving.killerweed growin' ole' Aussie Biker that would be very unpleasant to deal with if pissed off! LOL

    FYI I smoked Herb for the first time in 1970:smoke::smoke:

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