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vh1 the drug years

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DEAF, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. this documentary on the history of drugs and the leaders of the revolution was pretty informative. i learned a lot of interesting shit. did anyone else watch this?
  2. i believe there was a thread about this already today. all i have to say is L2Search (learn to search if you dont play WoW .)

    ps im super stoned...
  3. I've seen 'em all 2 or 3 times now. I love to smoke a bowl and just sit back and watch shows about drugs. Anyone ever seen Hooked: Illegal Drugs And How They Got That Way? I think it's on the history channel sometimes.
  4. ya ive seen that show many of times - they got different episodes that are an hour long right? On all sorts of drugs
  5. theres a few, ya ive seen em all
  6. That's a good show
  7. Yeah, I really like the first two parts.
  8. Anyone know of any intarweb links? For the drug years?
  9. green ganja you play wow? i guess that makes you a complete fuckin idiot. go get a life

    Flaming other members is NOT tolerated here. --Hempress

  10. whoa man. settle down. who are you to tell someone you've never met before that their "a complete fuckin idiot"? your on a forum talking about weed and your telling someone else to "get a life"? do you feel better now? in 5 or 10 years (im assuming your underage) your going to be working under someone that spent there highschool career playing computer games.

    but anyway, yea i havent seen the vh1 drug stuff but i've watched just about every history channel program about drugs. ironically i was high everytime...

  11. Whoa bro, whats with the anger? Theres no need for that here, so what if he likes to play wow? I myself enjoy a nice smoke session then hitting up CS:S.. If its what gives him his jollies then whats the harm?

  12. Can you say... unnecessary and completely illogical?

  13. I disapprove

  14. all i have to say is you may not like WoW but your also entiled to your oppion and i should to my. and the sooner you learn that then the sooner you will understand buddy were all looking for hte same thing "happiness"
  15. c'mon guys (and/or gals) no more hatin'. And yea i've seen all 4 episodes. I dvr'd all of em, but erased the 4th one... im not so into the crack/cocaine epidemic... so i only saved the ones about ganja and lsd (1 2 and 3, not 4). Theyre great, i love watchin em blazed when nothin else is on tv.
  16. I saw it when they first aired it and a couple times after that as well
    It was an interesting documentary, but I like the History Channel's Hooked: Illegal drugs and how they got that way. Also, Cocaine Cowboys was a great movie.

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