VH1 Drug Years

Discussion in 'General' started by litta_j, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. so i just got done watch the drug years on vh1, i thought it was a pretty good show. what did you guys think of it if you watched it?

  2. i was watching it last night(into the morning)

    it was keeping me entertained for the most part
  3. i missed the one tonite but i saw the last 3 its pretty good
  4. Damn, you are hardcore. Were they re-runs? haha
  5. I thought it was an AWESOME show , one of the best things i've ever seen on TV .... gold MJ anyone? =0

    i saw the 2nd and 3rd episode but i missed the first, can anyone tell me what it was about
  6. idk probably. It was like 3 am and nothing else was on(i was lookin for music videos) and i see some guy sparking a roach so i chose to watch and that is what it was

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