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  1. Is this an acceptable set up? This room rarely exceeds temperatures of 68 and being that I'm only using LEDs to veg it really doesn't get that warm in the tent. So purely for the purpose of fresh air circulation and with a vent either side open is this acceptable.... Not even concerned with the smell at this points its fairly secure....
    Any tips would be much appreciated guys thanks

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  2. Any one at all please?
  3. Is it warmer than 68 in your tent I hope? 75-80 is good for veg IMO.... Even though temps arent an issue, Its good to have an inline fan at the top of the tent pulling the old air our and pulling cool air from the passive intakes, through the plants helps circulation. You may find that with just that one fan, it gets "stale" in there....
  4. sure! leave the vents (or door open and set an oscillating fan on your plants. get a mid-grade value fan.. some of the small ones are powerful. I have a holme's 6'' diameter blade. It tilts back. its powerful. strong stalks. stirs the air.

    the one thing you will want to consider is the mid-late flowering stage, when ideally your humidity will be around 30-40 percent.. fifty is OK but you don't really want it higher than that. total darkness for 12 hours is also absolutely necessary. so when the time comes you may find a 4'' centrifugal fan most efficient. A dehumidifier may also work.

    However if you don't have too many plants or water at the start of the day and don't over water, you will have less moisture because your plants won't be soaked for too long. plants can really stand for a half day or maybe even more when the leaves start getting droopy, considering you are using LED's (low heat). if the leaves droop too fast (fully perked to straight down hangers within a few hours) you have too much foliage or not enough roots (either prune leaves off or transplant to a larger pot).

    your plants dry out faster is one reason why a 50/50 pumice/dirt mix is ideal. This way it might be possible to keep the humidity low by simply leaving the vents open. you'll still need to solve for the light the vents let in.

  5. true that. if you leave the door open it will be OK though. esp. with a small tent.
  6. Current tent temp bearing in mind it's really warm today is 78 normally speaking it'd be around 73-74 with lights on... Again due to the lack of heat they only need watering every other day or so never really gets that damp inside that tent vents get left open and fan left blowing plants to keep fresh air and to strengthen stems. Is compulsory that get an exhaust fan in there too then? Also does any one know where I can get a decent tent set up diagram from please.
    Thanks for all your help guys couldnt do this with out you all!
  7. you might be able to get a diagram by visiting your local hydro store, where they'll draw it for you on a reciept for a 4'' centrifugal fan. Or you could save some money and just get it on Ebay for $80 shipped. choose a brand name (valuline or activeair) your tent should have a 4'' vent on the top (measure diameter of port), just place the fan on top of it (pointing the air out of the tent) and connect a carbon filter (you can DIY this and save 30-40$$ on a 4'' carbon filter) to the outside end.

    just plug the fan in and it will pull the air out of your grow hut, through the filter into your room. The ''negative pressure'' will pull the air through your open vents. if the room isnt totally dark during the lights off time, close the vents and connect a 4'' flexible ducting to one of the lower ports near the bottom of the tent, so you can pull the fresh air (1 of several crucial factors) into your tent without letting light in.

    let me know if any of thats confusing I just burned through some diesel so who knows
  8. Lol dude that made perfect sense and I'm baked just scored some amazing blue cheese! Will look into a fan then many thanks once again man!
  9. you bet. post back here if you have any other questions/issues

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