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  1. So I hear it is very competitive and I'm worried about getting anything less than a B in any class. I know I should be shooting for A's in every class... but is it true that if I get a C it will be near impossible to get into a vet school (in the United States) ???

    I know this isn't really the place to ask but I always ask you guys before anyone else :)
  2. Where I'm at, a 3.0 won't get you in to the vet program. It's just as hard as getting in to med school. If you plan on getting in, you need to devote virtually ALL your spare time to your studies.

    Your best bet is to call the school whose program you want to attend, and ask not just about the "requirements", but ask the lowest, and the average GPA admitted in to the program.
  3. Thanks man,

    anyone else willing to give their 2 cents?
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  6. my gf is a 3rd yr vet student right now and she says no, it's not impossible to get in if you've gotten a C or two. but you will need to make up for it in other ways, like killer recommendations, experience in vet clinics, great interviews, etc. if grades define everything that you have accomplished in your life, then even straight A's won't get you into vet school. hopefully you're above that and realize there is a lot more to an applicant than grades. if you're well rounded and present your true potential as a professional, then you'll be in good shape.

    hope that helps. :)

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