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Veteran Smoker Question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rocket1967, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Been smoking daily for a while

    Started smokin most of the day away, im
    Changing jobs and i took a month and a half off between so obviously there has been alot more smoking

    Long story short i ended up in hospital with Colitis, not ulcerative just inflammation of the colon. They gave me antibiotics no big deal, no pain just discomfort in the gut

    Started tryin some edibles

    I was eating firecrackers daily in a huge dose cause the high was so intense, i had nowhere to be. I mean everyday i was getting high a couple times enough tooooo high sometimes and i did this for probably 2 weeks straight

    Well new job is comin up this week so i stopped the edibles

    Now ive taken t-breaks in the past and i always have had a hard time having an appetite the next day or day after that but then i usually start getting back to normal and back to a full appetite

    Its been 4 days now maybe 5 and i still start eating and feel full immediately cant eat shit

    4 days its been small, forceful eating meals and ive barely ate much.

    It seems to be getting a little better

    My question is when you quit heavy edibles is it normal like for some when they quit smokin herb

    I still smoke at night but NOT MUCH AT ALL

    I eat and i feel i could puke, if i dont eat i feel im starvin, if i burp it helps but part of le thinks this os the probiotics

    Please save the talk to your doctor stuff i already have and where im at the doctors are very knew to marijuana so they are learning stuff ive known for a while at this point

    Do edibles do this to anyone else once stoppin

    Ive cut my MJ consumpting down by probably 65-70%

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  2. Well anyway today I woke up no appetite now I’m hungry as hell I ate breakfast and it seems to be letting up so I’m going to go with the simple fact that edibles because we are much stronger when you finally stop them they tend to have a little bit more of a longer lasting and stronger side effect to those who do tend to lose their appetite after so a downer stopping week I know it doesn’t happen to everybody and please don’t tell me it’s something else cause that’s total bullshit but it is definitely clear cause my appetite is coming back full force.

    Because I was so hungry my stomach acid was building up from not eating and that didn’t help either but now I’m eating regularly enough today that I have had zero stomach acid issues

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  3. sorry no one’s responded to ya

    I’m lucky to not deal with too bad of issues when I do stop smoking (very rare nowadays). my main issue during breaks from smoking is having trouble falling asleep.

    I don’t think I experience too much of a change in appetite, though.
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  4. you could try putting a “TL;DR” at the top of your post if you really wanna try and get some other posts in here.

    sometimes the long initial posts can scare people off :sad:
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