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Very strange..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by johnjohn41, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Just some background info first.

    For the past year all I've smoked was high grade stuff that I have to pay ridiculous prices for. Some of the prettiest buds I've ever seen, and the highs were very intense. What I noticed was after a bowl or two I would be absolutely STONED for about 30 good minutes, then afterwards a very weak buzz. There is no middle ground.

    Then yesterday I switched dealers and settled for some "mids" that I had to resort to because my guy is dry atm. If I showed pictures I would probably get laughed off the forum, some of the shittest LOOKING weed I've ever seen. This was literally the first time I laid eyes on a seed in years.

    Long story short is I woke up at around 8 and smoked 3 bowls throughout the course of 4 hours. This was hands down the highest I have been in A LONG TIME. I spent the morning playing blops2 and forza 4 and that's all I can remember. I went to sleep at around 1 and woke up at 9 o clock pm!!

    I woke up today and still feel a small but noticeable the hell did this happen?

    I'll take this mid anyday overpriced "dank". I was high as fuck.
  2. Well you did smoke 3 bowls compared to the usual 1. Maybe it was actually dank with a shitty trim job.
  3. There could be numerous reasons for this. First off, when your in high quality-dank sometimes the CBD content is way higher and the THC% is not as high, so you don't feel so spaced out but you're relieved. Sometimes the mid's have fertilizers other stuff, that are not flushed out or cured properly- which may add to the high.

    I also noticed you said you usually smoke one or two bowls of the dank, and you smoked 3 bowls? of the mids? Then there's the fact that you might be feeling burnt out from the mids? The dank doesn't usually give you a burnt out feeling, the high sort of just disappears or you become sleepy.

    Just some factors to think about.

    I'd take Dank over anything any day! :smoking:
  4. I will do test next time I pick up to really compare the two. I just want to get high at the end of the day lol. Don't care if it's reggie,mid, dank, etc.

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