VERY strange yellow banding on new growth

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    Look at this -- what is it? I had to post these pics because I never seen anything like it. Almost exactly 2 months grow under CFL.

    The banding is a very light yellow against the darker green vein areas only on new growth-- hard to see in pics. Looks like a trace mineral deficiency? Maybe Zinc? Older leaves are fine--look at first pic while still under the gro lights. Clearly the old leaf is fine and the newer one above is wrinkled and has the bands.

    You can see the veins are darker in the 2nd pic (WTF gro 4) in the new and maybe even the old leaves too!?! I'm FLUMMOXED!

    What do you think. He said the Ph was around 6.5-6.7 but the Ph test kit he has is somewhat inaccurate / high error.

    I thought a flush of salts in order? He been using schultz fertilizer 3/4 strength every watering for over a month. Waters every 2-3 days. I don't know.

    Just wanted to add that I searched books, online, forums, etc. for days! Cannot find anything on this. Other people have posted about "striped leaves" but have no wrinkling on either side of the stripes or else the whole leave is deformed and yellow etc. Never both together as in these leaves. Is this a unique problem? (maybe I can patent it! LOL) HELP if you can!

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  2. Looks like everyone is stumped? Upon further reflection, this might be a disease or fungus or bacteria or something? Any ideas along those lines?

    Look at the wrinkled / deformed leaf in the pic while still under the grow lights... Very unusual. Lower leaves fine. Maybe a virus? I have no idea.
  3. To be honest I was first thinking bleaching but I do not know if you can stretch a plant that far out and still bleach it.
  4. Thanks for the reply! This was grown for about a month under just 1 20 watt flourescent grow light kept within 2 inches, from what I understand... (This is his first grow). It is now under 2 20-watt fluorescent grow lights on either side and 1 2700k 42-watt CFL in a metal reflector straight above it. I don't think it can get too bleached with that setup, right?

    Anyway, there is stunting / distortion / crinkling along side of the stripes on the leaves -- I just figured out how to describe it -- it has puckering like a seersucker cloth!!! This disease does not just SUCK, it SEERSUCKS! LOL! All levity aside, point being that bleached leaves do no tpucker or seersuck, right? (I'm no expert). Thanks again for the reply!
  5. Well, it is still very strange around here. I helped with several interventions designed to ameliorate the problem. We flushed, we adjusted the pH, we zinc'd (nail in soil), but it still looks bad. Maybe it just has seersucker genetics? A mutant? anyone?
  6. Remarkably, I have the same problem with the "wrinkled leaves." I too would appreciate any help.
  7. Hi, I think that you have both a Phosphorus problem and a Pottasium problem and that's why you couldn't get a straight 'read' on it. You certainly show signs of both individually, so maybe together they distort leaves significantly? So repot into more better soil (that would be me, i do soil growing) or switch to a better bottled nutrient if you are used to doing that. Good luck.
  8. do you know the ph

  9. THANKS!! We just repotted it yesterday. I added in a couple of rich soil amendments to help with any such deficiencies...

    The pH was way up (thanks for the reply, inkman also!)-- like 7.2. We put in some pH down stuff and some peat moss to lower it. We fertilized it too. I will keep you posted on what happens...
  10. Here are some repot pics and more leaf pics (It's definitely female!) from the 17th and the 21st when we repotted:

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  11. OMG!!! We repotted with various soil amendments and PH down on the 21st and today the plant looks like a different plant! AMAZING MIRACLE! Isn't there a recovery period? It was like magic!

    The plant grew much more, it looks way darker green, the leaves are smoothing out, and the buds are definitely bigger. It was looking pretty yellow before -- not anymore. I will post pics tomorrow!

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