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  1. There's this way of Hip-Hop that I'm trying to hear more of, I like the MC's who integrate their lyrics with classical instruments and just steady beats.

    To give you an example, listen to:

    Binary Star- "Reality Check"
    Big L- "Street Struck"

    They both do a pretty good job, I was wondering if any of you had any more rappers/MC's that coordinate their songs with instruments that gives it the funky hip hop feeling.
  2. are we supposed to reply to this thread? if so how?
  3. Hah my bad. I was wondering if anyone knew any good underground or unknown artists that perform this type of music. Basically I'm just looking for some really good hip-hop. Any suggestions?
  4. A Tribe Called Quest
  5. hip-hop

    aesop rock
    jedi mind tricks
    mf doom
    gnarls barkley
    a tribe called quest
    digital underground
    lady sovereign
    the streets
    the last mr. bigg
    ...etc. hope that's enough for now
  6. for what you are after i'd recommend anything by Pete Rock, excellent producer, varied beats and instruments and v innovative, as are Outkasts early albums especially Atliens, and although not too instrumental, Nas - Illmatic and AZ - Doe or Die are magic
  7. Aesop Rock is the shit, check out Daylight by him, then listen to Nightlight.

    Also, check out Apathy and Self Titled, they were big on the underground for awhile but they're making a go at the mains these days. Ap has a flow that can kill a man. :D

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