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very small, very cheap, ScrOG grow diary

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by jetski, Jan 1, 2013.

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    hey guys, i have been looking at some of the micro grows going on here and im finding them fascinating. im getting bored with big grows now, they are exactly the same every time, they lack challange. so seeing as all my grow boxes are currently occupied im going to build a tiny grow box and ScrOG a few plants in there, just to give me some new challenges more than anything else. i know im not going to get much bud from it but as along as it gives me enough to cover the electricity it uses there is no loss. i think i have all the crap i need to make it already so it shouldnt cost anything to put together

    lots of photos to follow...

    this makes sense to be in the first post..

  2. im in....using one of them white widows that are commin up?
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    no, those wont be ready for cloning for a few weeks and iv got itchy fingers. about 5 or 6 years ago i traded some seeds for some gainesville green crossed with ak47. they have been in my fridge ever since. im going to use them with this as i dont think ill ever use them otherwise. i have no idea what they will be like so i always reach for known genetics when i start from seed. seeing as this could well turn out to be a waste of time im reluctant to use good seeds. i have now dropped the 'gainesville X ak47' seeds so the clock is ticking for me to set this little box up
  4. 5 or 6 years old......good luck brotha
    im rootin for ya
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    yeah, i have seeds about 10 years old, they usually hatch just fine, they are sealed up with silica gel and kept in the fridge. fingers crossed lol
  6. I recently aquired some seeds that aee supposidly from 1978 I dropped them in some moist soil in a mini freenhouse thing 0% germination rate it has been 3 weeks. I normally have 95-100% germ rate
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    wow, yeah thats coming on 35 years. nature has only intended the seeds to last throughout the winter so if they lasted a few years then that's an achievement. i would of thought seeds of 35 years would be very hard pressed to hatch... what breed were they?
  8. as it has turned out I don't have any reflective sheeting so had to order some in. so this project won't be able to get going until I get that. the seeds have been planted so I hope it doesn't take too long to be delivered lol
  9. I got 2 kinds one was ky redbud so he said and the other didnt have a name just alot of seeds
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    ok heres a little update on the situation. i have been really vusy lately so fell behind on building the thing. sorry about the low res photos, somehow my cameras flash isnt working

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    the plants are 2 days old today. i planted 15 gainsville green x ak47 and a few northern lights, about 5 i think. none of the northern lights hatched. most, if not all of the ak47x have though

    i am using 2x 25w cfls 2700k and 2x 20w cfls 6400k. no reflectors yet but ill sort that pretty soon. im not sure whether to change the 2700ks for another couple of 6400k
    a 14w exhaust fan, this will have a carbon filter attached when i need to. it will be blowing the air through the filter, not how it was designed but no wat i could get the filter inside haha.
    i havent got a circulation fan in there yet but i will do soon. the air gets sucked in through the intakes pretty fast so theres no rush for that. i think i will add another two intakes because as it is, it is putting a little strain on the fan
    i will install a mesh screen when the plants get tall enough
    there is a huge gap between the lights and the plants in the photo but they are stacked up on books so are quite close to the lamps.

    when they get to about 3 weeks old i will be turning the lights to 12/12, cut out the males and hopefully still have enough in there to fill the screen by the time they finish flowering

    i would of preferred about 16 clones in that pot (4x4). they would fill the screen within no time and i could flower straight away. i dont have any plants i can clone at the moment so unfortunately i have to use seeds
  12. i have taken out the light traps because it was slowing down the air flow. ill add another 2 intakes and when flowering begins ill replace the light traps

    all seems to be going well so far, although im a little disappointed with non of the northern lights germinating. i got them off another forum, a swap for some lowryder#2s so i didnt really lose out on anything. still, 12 plants in a shallow 10" x 10" pot will fill up the space pretty quickly

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    here is a run down on all the parts i have used (and plan to use)
    the only things i bought was the white sheeting and wire mesh. ill include the prices that i paid for them so we can work out how much it all cost. (although practically free for me as i had almost all of the stuff lying around already

    1x plastic box 11" x 12" x 20" - £3
    2x lamps 20w 6400k - £2
    2x lamps 25w 2700k - £2
    4x lamp holders - £2.50
    1x junction box - £0.40
    3m of cable - £1.35
    2x plugs - £1.10
    1x fan speed controller - £5
    4x beer can reflectors - £free with beer
    1x inline fan 14watts - £11
    1x2m of white/black plastic - £3
    1x bag of rivets - £1
    1x washing up bowl - £0.90
    1x roasting pan - £1
    1x 2' x 3' wire mesh with 1" holes - £5
    12x black 40mm bends - £8
    1x 4" hose - £3
    1x 4" carbon filter - £17.50

    total = £67.75

    but this could be brought down considerably to around £30 if you used a computer fan for an exhaust and made your own carbon filter. plus you probably wont need as many of those bends for light traps or indeed the fan speed controller or 4" hose. i used two bends per intake but 1 is probably enough

    so if you used just the bare essentials, its not bad for £30 really. it will use very little electricity and im expecting somewhere between half and a full oz
  14. it seems the northern lights are defo not going to hatch. i guess the guy i traded with gave me bunk seeds. however most of the akX have come up nice so im happy with that

  15. Subbed looks good.

    So you gonna put a screen on top of that and let it fill out?

  16. yeah, thats the plan. hopefully because there are so many plants in there they will fill up the screen in no time. speeding the whole thing up
  17. Sounds interesting. how long will you veg before adding the screen?
  18. im not 100% on that
    ill grow them for 6inches until they hit the screen. then probably flower them about a week or so after that. so at a guess ill be vegging for 4 weeks in total
    but if they are very bushy by the time they reach the screen i may flower straight away. if they are thin and spindly ill veg for a bit longer.

    its hard to guess because they are not clones. half of these plants are going to be cut out when they show they are males
    im very much winging it on this one lol
  19. Sounds fun. I started 3 years ago with bag seed and got a male and kept it with one of my females from a different random bag of seeds and then used those seed to get the plants I have now. Very happy with it. Not sure of it genetics due to it being bag seeds but it has an uplifting high with a slight couch lock towards the end.

    Anyways. once you get a good female keep her for a mother and it'll save a lot of time and guessing. I'm working on a small SOG sitting inside a litterbox about the size of yours. it holds about 50 2inch pouts that I stick clones in and go straight to 12/12 lighting. hoping to get about 2-3 grams off each plant. I really need to find my camera so i can update my journal.

  20. thats sounds cool, yeah get some photos up, that sounds interesting

    have a look at my white widow diary linked in my signature. theres 10 plants growing in there and one of them is going to be my mother plant. im months away from cloning from here yet though lol

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