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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by d00d, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Ok, well im thinking about growing in a really small place thats only about 1' tall (probably under my bed). Do you think that will work if i use LST or something else that will cut down on how tall it is? I'm probably only gona try and grow 1-2 plants because this is my first time.
    Any help will be much appreciated :)

  2. Welcome to the City :wave:

    container + plant + light = ~5.5' minimum. Sorry.
  3. NA DOOD, wont work!
  4. It might work, get a wider shorter pot (3-4") and use lst + scrog with t5 flourescent bulbs. It would be kind of difficult but you might be able to pull it off. My advice would be to either raise your bed somehow, or grow in a closet or box or something. Those portable closets are nice, and inconspicous
  5. na dude i wouldnt recommend it, a pot to grow in would be 4 inches tall at the smallest and the plant will take up 6 inches (thats the rediculously bare minimum with LST and scrog together) plus you need to keep the lights 2-3 inches away to avoid burning and the lights take up space too so your already over 12" sorry man id go for a closet or an attic or something.
  6. I was actually pondering the other day...

    Is it possible to do a "sideways grow"? If you did an LST, but constantly kept the lights on the side instead of the top, would the plant grow sideways?

    Probably not, but it'd be pretty funny looking if it worked.

    As for the question-asker, I'm guessing your grow is pretty risky to begin with if you're farming under your bed. Lights, fans, extension cords, dirt, water... Good luck man. Don't get your dirty magazines* wet :D

    (*I think I still have dirty magazines under my bed... Unless my fiance finally threw them out. But hey, isn't that what's SUPPOSED to be under a bed?)

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