very short bushy plant

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  1. So I have been growing this plant indoors for over a month, its a rlly sow growing plant. It's been growing in a cabinet under a 85 watt 6500 clf and 3 26 watt 6500k cfl. Its been about 5-6 weeks buty I'm growing for the fun of it so I rlly have no hurrry whatsoever. I fed it supertrive and root stimulator(biobizz) fr first 2 weeks then I started feeding it bio-grow( biobizz) up tillnow. Oh yyeah and the lght cycle is 18/6

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  2. Is the cabinet much bigger for the plant to grow?
  3. it has pretty much all it needs:) ;). I'm posting this threadc because I find the plant very funny

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  4. what kind of soil are you using
  5. Where I live we don't have any of the soil that is found in the states just some organic soil I found at grow store
  6. My plant is similar to this. Wondering if that will cause any problems when flowering??
  7. Why would you have a problem with putting it into Flower 12/12 light schedule? It's Nice and Bushy IMO! My Two seedling look the same but he's nodes maybe tighter then mine.
    Good Luck

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  8. How many plants do you have growing under the CFLs?

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  9. Didnt take into consideration the plant nearly doubles in size. My plant should be fine I'm just a nerrors first timer
  10. I have one plant going. My lights may be a lititle close but the space I have it in is a little small itself

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