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Very newbie question: what's the best cannabis?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bite_Me, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Cannabis/marijuana/pot/weed.. or whatever it's called!

    I live in the UK about 30 miles from Exeter and I'm interested in trying cannabis. If it works for me then I'd probably be using it less than once a week so I'd prefer to buy good quality stuff - quality rather than quantity.

    Any tips on how to start?

  2. If you've never smoked before you aren't going to want to step right up to the best stuff you can find.

    That question, what is the best weed, is unanswerable.
  3. With so many strains, I don't think I could choose. It's almost like food: find a bud that suits the siuation! And make sure you don't get ripped off when you do buy. Do some reading!
  4. First off ... Wut do you normally smoke ? Tobacco ? Cigars ? Cigarillos ? Cigarettes ? Chillm Pipe ? Regular Pipe Tobacco ? Rolled with or without tip/filter ?

    There are multiple angles to look at this with .. But if there is a certain tobacco preference , this will allow for us to suggest a strain of some kind or help you gauge your tolerance . Gauging tolerance will also effect how much thc in a plant you can or would enjoy before it becomes overwhelming causing food binging or even nausea from overuse .. ) Yep .. It can do that if you smoke yourself paralysed .. lol ( Soo ..

    Soo ... Just be careful how and who you procure some cannabis for consumption ..

    But if you like straight cigarettes and cigars you might try straight trash or get you some trash weed with lotta seeds in it and grow your own to control the quality you can stand to consume .. Or you can go to a seed bank website and grow those ... But mostly reggie will be a great break in for you but in small consumptions at first ...

    Ohh .. And rolling papers if you can't stand cigars .... but if you don't mind going the extra mile to take longer to smoke and to enjoy and maybe even save some for later ... try rolling it up in a cigar wrap ... Alot of times your experience can be heightened by some sort of tobacco wrap . Wrather than using a plain paper that is ...

    Anyhow ... I noticed not to much starter info has been thrown your way so I thought I would explain some of what you might need to get your process going m8 ... good luck :)
  5. ohhh yeah ... to prevent defrauding ... American Oz's or an Ounce or Zipper or JUICE as they can be referred too .. They come anywhere from 32 to 28 grams an ounce ... You might try asking how much for an ounce from a few prospective dealers ... NOT people that dont smoke for free to help you into your transition ... but people who share not to get you hooked but to kind of show you the ropes .. like someone who invites you to drink ... Then ask them how much they get their shit for and every now and then throw a 5 dollar or some quid down for the invite ... or toss em a pack of their favorite smokes ..

    eventually the good karma will help you find people who will tell you higher prices or not so high .. those friends who have a higher price ... Is there bud really that much more powerful that you would pay for it ? Because you said only a few times a week .. maybe a few times a month ...

    That suggests an 1/8th a month ... So buying good weed might be the optimal choice here .. But when I say better .. I mean , which one is the youngest grown smoke ? is it still sticky when you get it ? meaning maybe 2 weeks ... so You can start smoking on it and as it dries you can enjoy the finer cure . Eventually even deciding to save it and it's seeds ... catalog this ... should growing ever become legal in the future .. Hell grow anyways ... It's fun ... But point being is the best weed isn't always what gets u high or not but how long it lasts to be smoked with greatest joy and preferred effects received or benefitted from it . Some trash weed m8 is just trash .. Like the cheaper floor tobacco smokes you buy around your town ...

    Anyhow .. I could rant so much more about this .. But plain and simple ... Stop yourself before you ever pay more than 5 dollars a gram ... Because true growers understand this , that yes the weed should be free , but if they devoted time to it . they probably only sold it to support their own grow op . Not because they're a drug dealer ... So 5 , maybe even 10 dollars a gram for good grown smoke is ok .. 15 , and 20 and up a gram is like buying cocaine ... You can get cocaine for 45 dollars a gram and it lasts a hell of alot longer than weed at 20 a gram ... Just some comparison info ... Anyhow... bah... .. Good luck m8
  6. When you start out, you will get high as a kite regardless of what you smoke. There are so many strains out there, it is really hard to say one is the best. If you are going to make a decision, I would just say to look at indicas and sativas and find which you like more.

    If you are interested in learning all about the different kind of strains, check out the Cannabible or just surf the web,
  7. Thanks Mongoose. :)

    Hi Hatter, I don't really smoke anything and I'd never smoke cigarettes but I do have a decent bong stashed away in the closet which I know how to use correctly.

    The closest I've come to cannabis is the legal high Spice Gold (soon to be illegal in the UK) which I've both smoked and bombed but it doesn't get me high in any amount; Spice Gold certainly does work for most people but even on 800mg (two packets) it just makes me heavy, headachey and gives me that icky cold fingers and toes feeling - I'm glad when it wears off.

    My body does not react well to the legal highs I've tried (I won't repeat the same topic again but anything speedy is completely off the menu) so I'm considering cannabis as a last attempt at finding a relatively safe drug that works -although I havent yet tried magic mushrooms. If cannabis doesn't give me a pleasant experience then I will probably give up.
  8. try go for a sativa strain, it'l give you a lighter experience and dont smoke too much.
  9. Thanks Peaceman, I'll read up on sativa. :cool:

    Thanks also to Ironlung, Stilldre and Kannaman btw. :wave:
  10. The best weed is the weed you got.
  11. #12 postblue, Oct 23, 2009
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    Do you know how to inhale? If you don't properly inhale, it's really really hard to get high at all. If you've never smoked anything, it's best to start with friends who have smoked weed regularly.

    If you start off smoking a fat spliff of dank to yourself, you'll be too fucked up and probably won't enjoy it.

    I'd just get some genuine stoner friends and they will teach you everything you need to know :) have fun babe! :smoking:

    btw, I live in the uk too :)
  12. i know how that is getting super fucked up and then its no fun cause your sketching out

  13. wow man i would have said the same thing...+rep to u!!!:cool:
  14. if its your first time, you may not get high the first time you smoke. once you start to smoke 2 or 3 times you will get high.

    there are so many strains of weed that its hard to tell you which one is the best, even if we did know its not easy to get unless you can go to a dispensiry or grow it yourself. just try out what comes your way and you'll start to notice the small things that make each strain unique. you'll have a preference once you become more experienced but the first time is always fun.

    -happy tokin

  15. :hello: well said +rep
  16. The best Cannabis strain is all on opinion, mines in Northern Lights, as its 90%/10% Indica/Sativa ratio.

    (Indica and Sativa are different strain types that produce different highs, Indica being a body stoned, you just want to sit and chill out, you get pretty lazy and the munchies on it is best imo, Sativa high is a head high, you want to get up and go do stuff, some people smoke Sativa weed before doing some activities such as mountain climbing).

    If you're new, find a connect and buy some weed, as long as its not all brown and smells like dirt and full of seeds (this is called Schwag) don't buy it, its terrible quality and you wont get an awesome high.

    If its green, its good for you as your tolerance will be 0 :).
  17. Everyone has different connections and therefore they can get different marijuana at different times. This means some people will never be able to obtain a certain strain of marijuana simply because they will never have the connection for it. Because of this everyone will have different answers on their opinions of the best marijuana they've smoked. My best suggestion is figure out what strains are avalible for you and do some research and figure out what is the kind of high you want, indica or sativa. Also, experiment with them all a little until you find a strain that's right for you.

    P.S. If you didn't already know the affects of THC are not usually felt on the first smoking session, so don't expect to feel the high the first time.
  18. Thanks PipeUp, good tip. :smoke:

    Thanks also to everyone else who replied, when I've finally got my first ever stash of weed I'll post an "experience report".
  19. Just buy anything you can find, anything will get a 'noob' high. Seriously. But of course if you have a sack of brown seedy stemmy shit next to a sack of green sweet smelling dripping wwith THC goodness .. pick the last one.

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