Very light green very hard taffy bho.

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  2. Why the green color with 11x pure butane
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  3. I dunno but it looks really similar to the color of kief, doesn't it?
  4. Hows it dab ? Is it harsh ? looks like might not have all the fats and lipids removed. That's my vote if it smokes very harsh.
  5. Yes,it does. After sitting for a couple of days it turned waxy and crumbly
    Dabs fine hits very well nice thick And great taste because I did Do not heat it too far It's still have the Turpin's in it, I don't know what you mean about Lippard's and fats and such. Please educate me on that subject.
  6. Fats and lipids are the impurities you get when you extract THC from cannabis. They are the 'wax' part of the extract. I don't know from BHO extraction, it might be different -- But with pressing to get solventless extract, the percentage of fats and lipids is affected by the size of the net containing the cannabis. Smaller diameter holes like 45 microns produces very pure extract, but the yield is smaller. Larger bags, like 90-120 microns produce less pure extract, but the yield is much larger. The 'less pure' part is the lipids and fats -- and I suspect, some of the terpenes too.

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