VERY LARGE grow op. Beginner advise needed

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    Northern Cali
    First of all, Am I too late for the party (bubble)?? second of all. Yes I am a total laymen. 3rd they're big dreams, but I do have the place, necessary tools and resources to back it up!
    Here is the deal, let's say Bob and steve have a 8,600+ sq ft grow space 8700 ft 001.jpg and  would like to grow for the dispensaries (and possibly becoming a dispensary in due time).  They have a maximum total of $50,000 to play with safely. What kind of operation can be achieved in this scenario? Pablo Escobar status? Or a small fish in a big pond? How much money can an area of this size make per cycle? how illegal is this? how legal can this be? Federal laws / State laws? Any rough estimate of how much lighting would be needed? electricity consumption?
    Just give me all the info you got! Or refer me to someone/place more knowledgeable. I'm addicted to all the reading and cant get enough!


  2. hmm beginning grower with as much space? I think you should build a component system, and start with a single part of that component. for example, lets say you eventually want to have 6x1000w light fixtures, and 3 recirculating 8 pot dwc systems. instead, start off with 1 kw light fixture, and 4 dwc pots to try it out once. that way, when you get a little more experience, you can simply add more lights and dwc pots so you have a consistent system. Of course, for the space you are talking about you will be needing far more than just 6x1000w fixtures and a couple rdwc systems.
    For your system, I get a couple packs of nonfeminized seeds, let's say, 4 different strains, with 10 seeds in each packs. find the best female out of each pack, keep them as mothers. set up your cloning station, separate the room into a couple different sections, and buy some huge nft systems. mothers>clones>nft systems. it's important to use clones when you have multiple plants in a single recirculating system, to reduce the possibility of having inconsistencies amongst the different plants. I think in norcal you'd be fine with anything, and the federal government shouldn't give you any trouble. but electricity costs will be huge. you should hire an independent electrician contractor to do the wiring for you, unless you know electrical systems yourself.
    oh yeah, if you need a partner, I'm in socal. and would be more than willing to help you map out some stuff :smoke:
  3. Yeah He's Right Man,, That A Lot Of Lights And Energy But ,, I Think You Can Produce Huge Quantities Of Quality Cannabis,, But It Cost A lot Of Mula To Get Something Like That Off The Ground.. But Once You Do The Benefits Are Generous.. Socal Is Where It's At,, Come Visit Us..

    Spaceman Charlie..
  4. $50,000 is chump change in the business would. if that's all you got you wont need 8,600 SQ FT.
    $50,000 might get you a good taco truck. Do you like tacos?
    Cant beat a taco truck, everyone wants to eat.
  5. Honestly being a beginner ur very late to the game. Most of whats out here in California is taken care of already. Not much room for growth. Might want to start small and get a few personal grows under ur belt first before aspiring to such grand visions. Baby steps.
  6. OP...Goat farming is big money, get some land and some goats with that $50,000
    You can milk then, you can even milk a billy goat.
  7. I need a pic of that billygoat milking. you may be doing it wrong.

    Twas Ever Thus!
  8. Lol u never gonna do it big waist of money. The electric company would flag you and boom a month in to it your done game over enjoy jail dude peace
  9. Punctuation, how do they work?!
  10. Of course he could do it, Saying he can't is just downright silly.

    OP, you need to find yourself a grower, an experienced Real Person to help you out and to physically show you the tricks of the trade. It may take you a few grows to get comfortable (I mean it WILL take a few grows) but this is gardening - anyone can do it IF you set your mind to it. 50K is more than enough to get you up and running - a thousand watt setup is only maybe $350 bucks so when u do the math you could set up a very nice setup for that much money.

    I know I sure the hell could with plenty of $ left over.

    Find yourself an experienced gardener to help you out.

    "The electric company would flag you and boom a month in to it your done"

    Yet another silly comment. Seriously? Lol

  11. My two cents, big dreams start with small steps. Find a big grow op and work with them for two years and learn all you can. Financial, genetic, electric, marketing, distribution. Then jump in.
  12. Prepare to lose a lot of money if you have never grown before and think you are just going to throw 50k at it from the jump.
    Do you realize the man hours it will take to maintian that type of operation? Of course not. Do you even have the slightest idea of what you are doing? No, you need to actually go through the process many many times to gain the knowledge. Reading a message board won't do it.
    Why don't you start with 5-10k and get some experience? I wouldn't throw 50k around until I had 3-4 years in at least. Recipe for disaster.
  13. You guys are right its a big step but if he's serious then its not a waste. If he spends 50k on all the materials he needs he will gain the knowledge and the materials will still be there... - seeds and soil and shit. As long as he sticks it out he would be good. OP with 50k you can deck that out to be dope grow op. Good luck

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    listen man im an expert level grower blowing away the mostly mediocre flowers these dispensaries sell around here in Michigan . I moved from lame-hio 18 months ago to clio for 6 months now ann arbor I am growing so fast I have 10 thousand dollars in flower orders I don't have yet ive been looking to move that way simply due to the fact id make a few hundred k extra being able to grow outdoor 365 !!! oh also I am a journeyman level electrician who also specializes in solar panels I could do so much with my skills the sky is the limit I have a fiancé n a 1 yr old baby girl who is my world n we r looking to move that way as we speak that's why shes on here ive spent well over 40k moving my entire life n grow op 3 times in 3 years upgrading each step of the way we both have medical cards n im currently oversaturated with orders due to my extremely large family n friend circle stretching from ohio AREA to Michigan credit n more money r the only thing in the way of me becoming a very big fish !!!! I could use someone like u more then u know don't listen to any criticism from ANYONE who will hold u back from ur dream I left everything n everyone I knew to follow mine here we r . I don't want to be Pablo neither should u but I could envision a few football field size greenhouses with a small crew taught by me kicking out cannabis cup winning meds year after year that's why im here to be on that stage holding up some cups !![​IMG] bad things come with attention but seriously when u find that person ull know I could sure use ur physical help n teach u whatever as well as ur sweet locale n cash injection to skyrocket my situation please call me if ne of this hits home or if my skillset can get u to a Pablo like level [​IMG]u or anyone else bcuz my partner is still out there n I just started opening my avenues ... some proof pics attached more to come computer is slow ill keep it as real as I can I say "expert" not because I like my bud or grew a couple plants but bcuz ive tried flowers from the best dispensaries in Michigan (sweet leaf ,green planet ,etc) the strongest n best they could produce and realized mine r better looking n stronger time n time again people cant find flowers like mine that taste the way mine do I have a coloring AND flavoring (not food coloring or dyes)INFUSION PROCESS that is gonna change the game actually that is my girl in the pic with my first infusion sample of purple congo kush which looked like purple poison n tasted like a strong grape jolly rancher my next project im gonna show people actual BLUE blue dream that tastes like heaven im a 20+ grower who is pissed if its not over 17%thc n only just begun growers may get fired people will assuredly lose customers and business but I want to bring my talents to the west win awards and live like u grow the best ne where around bcuz I do remember my face u will c it in this grow industry im a potstar and im coming to put the best growing conditions with my growing style n passion its gonna be epic if this sounds like im ur man let me know it im just getting started my rent is 1450 now plants just went on on flower and when I find (THE) partner to match my vision with good growing areas and a little injection all I need is a sweet place for me n her to raise my daughter and ill make us very rich people I do it ALL myself can build anything,wire anything,and grow anything under the sun cheaper and better then almost everyone im not bragging just confident and immensely driven if u are out there partner gimme a reason im gone
    810/908/3804 or [email protected]/* */ I didn't leave a 30 dollar an hour job for nothing this is my lifes calling

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  15. shit, come move to Oregon, I'll grow with you lol

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