Very important poll, please answer if you have time

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  1. ^ Thanks if you cooperated. This poll has many variables but hopefully the end statistics clear up any initial doubts I had about the question.
  2. yes im winning 1 to 0
  3. What's weed? I voted no.
  4. r u seriously asking me if i smoke schedule I narcotics? u, sir, must be high on dick skin. jk, of course i do!:hello:
  5. damn u rebellious hooligans!
  6. What is this 'weed' you speak of?
  7. Smoking POT makes your skin turn green and makes you hallucinate and become violent!
  8. what's a poll?
  9. Marihuana influences Negroes to look at white people in the eye, step on white men's shadows and look at a white woman twice.

  10. wasnt that from reefer madness? I saw this somewhere before
  11. Marijuana is an old old wooden ship, used in colonial times.
  12. I smoke ye ole Marijuana. :bongin:
  13. Marihuana makes blacks rape white women with cancer, why would I smoke it.
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    Lolol ron
  15. Weed is for losers. I only smoke crack.

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