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Very high anxiety

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Smokedasmokeda, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I haven’t smoked in a few months. I had a beer and took a decent hit off a joint. Felt fine up until recently. Had a beer while this was happening. I noticed I have a very high heart rate and am pretty anxious. It was a pretty chill kickback, everyone else was hitting the joint and seem normal. I feel pretty jittery and my pulse is like 112 bpm. I really didn’t have much, but is there a chance it was laced? I smoked about 4.5 hours ago and still feel kinda jittery and nervous.
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  2. If you haven’t smoked in a few months. And then smoked while drinking a beer it is most likely due to your low tolerance at the moment. Alcohol exacerbates ( enhances) marijuana’s effects in a synergistic way. I believe you will be ok.
  3. In 35 years of smoking herb ive never had or known anyone to have “ laced weed”.


  4. What's the thing? Beer and grass you're on your ass, grass then beer, you're in the clear?
    I've found it rings pretty true.
    So which did you start with?
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  5. Lol prolly the draaaank
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  6. I've always found booze to be a supercharger for the effects from weed. Get stoned, have a drink, next thing I know I'm paranoid/anxious and want to eat a chocolate pizza with extra bacon rinds. lol
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  7. Not me..

    I can smoke all the weed I wan't when I'm half drunk and I'll be fine..
    Get too high at any other time and I'll feel like I'm going to die..

    I don't smoke much weed because I hate the high heart rate shit, but when I'm drinking I'm invincible so it doesn't even matter or I don't even notice..
  8. Marijuana increases your heart rate, alcohol makes your blood thinner. Should probably know this shit before going head first.
  9. Mixing alchohol and cannabis will have an intensifying effect which can include a host of side effects good and bad. Mostly bad in my experience.

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