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Very harsh cough

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jerryburns, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. I wasn't sure on where to post this , becasue I'm not new to smoking however I haven't been toking it up 10 years lol. I have a really bad cough like horrible and along with it I spit up a lot of mucus . This cough makes it literally impossible to smoke. Today was my birthday and was pleased I had a fat rolled joint for my wake & bake ....however that was not accomplished b/c of the cough and the whole joint was a waste with all the coughing... I was wondering if anyone knew any remedies or any other ways I could toke without waking up this cough up . Thank you .
  2. Search for cure to smoekrs cough on here, also you might have bronchitis or something. If you smoke cigarettes too it could be worse.
    My advice; go see a doctor. and stop smoking until you do
  3. Oh cool thank you. Oh btw I do smoke cigarettes I think that's probly the main cause .... but no need to worry today is my quit day : ).
  4. It better be. Dont support taxes when you can support terrorism! haha just playin around because thats the stereotype, most drugs come from the us anyways nowadays.
  5. ^^ Lol

    Update: I just rolled up A nice .7 joint and im hitting it nice it smooth small tokes & its actually turning out with minimal coughing . Im actually getting to relax lol. Maybe its b/c I have a hauls cough drop in my mouth?
  6. haha well dont inhale the cough drrop, or your going to have bigger problems. Or less living problems

  7. I literary have the same problem now. I've been smoking for over 6 years, but suddenly now, I can't smoke for shit. I have to use my smallest zong cause it's the only thing that won't fuck me up.

    I know what you mean though, I'm having bad coughs like 4-6 times a session, and usually one of them involves coughing up a whole mess of mucus. Gonna go see a doctor soon though, suggest you do the same.

    I've talked to my doctor before about smoking, he doesn't give a shit. Make sure to mention everything you are doing though, he's not there to arrest you.

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