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  1. I decided I'd trying harvesting my own herb, but I really have no idea what steps to take. I've taken some 'bag seeds' and placed them in water over a 36 hours. The ones that were starting to split, I placed in my bathroom in some potting soil that I had mixed with some blood meal. I put saran wrap over the top of the pot and poked a few holes in it to keep it humid inside. I went out and bought a light bulb from Wal-Mart that looks like a regular bulb but it says 'plant light' on it. I've had it under the light for a few days and I've even seen a root-like tail come out of a few seeds. However, I noticed some white, fuzzy, almost mold like matter on the surface of the soil so I took off the saran wrap to let some air get in. Is this a cause for concern? I'm not really sure where to go from here, any tips? I posted a picture of one of my seeds below.

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  2. The white fuzzy mold is just from the high humidity..not much of a concern, I just mix it in the soil with my finger. It's a good sign that you're humidity is a little too high..I usually put some plastic wrap of some sort of my pots till my seeds sprout. Once they sprout I take it off and let them get accustomed to their new home.

    get yourself a humidity/temperature gauge and start fine tuning your temps n stuff.
  3. You sure the little tails poking out of the seeds aren't just baby Charizards inside the seeds waiting to pop out and gank you?
  4. I think baby charizard tails are actually segmented and a reddish orange color. Upon hatching the wings usually protrude before the flaming tail as well.

    I think it would be hard to confuse the 2 and surrsmokealot should be safe from being ganked.
  5. Thanks for confirming. Happy days SurrSmokeALot! If I were you, when I saw that little tail stickin' out... I woulda rinsed it off with luke warm water and put it into some soil, just in far enough so you can only see a tiny little bit of the seed pod, tail down. Moisten, cover for humidity.

  6. Hey surrsmokealot you might want to consider ditching that "plant light" and going with some regular 6500k clfs 27watt or up! heres a little excerpt from a book i read by ed rosenthatl "Closet Cultivator"

    "Some fluorescent tube manufacturers
    produce grow tubes which are especially
    formulated to provide a spectrum of light
    similar to the chlorophyll synthesis or
    photosynthesis spectrum or a compromise
    between them. The idea is sound, but grow
    tubes produce only 35-60% of the light of a
    cool white fluorescent, and less light
    useable by the plant. One manufacturer
    advertises Vita-Lite® and Optima®
    fluorescent tubes which emit a light
    spectrum color balanced close to the sun's
    spectrum. However, they emit only 75% of
    the light of a warm white fluorescent. "​

    and i know its talking about tubes but im pretty sure its safe to assume this goes for walmart bulbs too!:p

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