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Very disappointed in my experiences with weed so far, even low doses...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 63917175, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. I started smoking about two weeks ago and have gotten high about ~15 times so far.
    I have tried:
    -Blue Dream
    -Tahoe OG
    -Sour Diesel
    And so far, I have never experienced a high that was "uplifting and creative", even with the sativas at low doses. In fact, the sativas in general just make me feel like crap...very tired and disoriented, and a very "dirty" and "sick" feeling...ESPECIALLY the Sour Diesel and Chemdawg. I absolutely cannot stand the way those two strains make me feel.
    The ones that are more on the indica side (XJ13 and Tahoe OG) definitely make me feel very good for a short period...but then they put me to sleep within only an hour, and they make me wake up late the next morning and feel very tired the next day regardless of how long I slept.
    So basically I have the choice between Sativa (tired and feeling like crap) and Indica (feeling good but VERY tired, even the next day).
    I'm a highly active person so I can't afford to have drained energy levels.
    I was expecting something that would allow me to feel uplifted and creative during the day, and relaxed at night without having a "hangover" the next morning. It looks like I'm going to get neither of these from cannabis.
    Do you guys have any idea what's going on? Any suggestions?

  2. Try edibles or vaping instead of smoking the flower.
  3. Maybe cannabis isn't for you. If you don't enjoy the negatives over the positives in your relative case, dont worry about it, plenty of people prefer other vices than cannabis.

    I would suggest you take a few more cracks at it. Consider your setting and mood beforehand, not whether its sativa or indica.
  4. Tried vaping with the MFLB. Pretty much same effects as my bong and my pipe.
    I might give edibles a shot...
  5. you can try it a few more times and see how it effects you but honestly it sounds like you just don't enjoy the general effects of THC, or rather the negative effects are so unenjoyable that its just not worth the positive effects
    You should smoke CBD -tailored strains. or CBD edibles / tinctures with LOW thc and you will get that mellow uplifting feel you're craving.
  7. Sounds like a good idea. Any particular recommendations?
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    man thats sucky weed does have a good tendency to make you tired and some times people aren't affected the same way as most of us. what kind of environment do you normally smoke in are you doing something creative to help stimulate it or are you sitting on the couch watching tv and eating munchies that can honestly have alot to do with the high my advise would try vaping while your out doing a activity you really enjoy and see how it goes
  9. It's top quality weed from three various different dispensaries in Los Angeles. It's me that's the problem...
    My setting sucks. Right now I'm living alone in a rental space because I recently moved here for a job. No friends or relationship right now either. I'm honestly just doing weed to try to relieve my boredom, as well as my occasional insomnia (which is what I've got my medical card for).
  10. You need a good haze cross with thcv in it like moby dick, silver haze, nebula, ect
  11. Go with tinctures.

    Has the warm and fuzzy feeling of being high plus it last much longer.

    Just make sure to use the suggested amount.
  12. Weeds the shit. If you don't like it, you don't like it. It's fine man
  13. Weed is not for everyone. And you need to try sativa anf indica independently (different days) so you know how each type affects you.

    Or smoke crack.
  14. I still complain about the tiredness and lazyness all the time just something that comes with using THC
  15. dude i would recommend trying to do some new things while your getting stoned or plan ahead and go do something it might give you the creative spark even if its just like a hike or something while cannabis can give you a uplifted feeling it also enhances then mood you are currently in weed is more of a mood enhancer rather then somthing to pass the boredom with
  16. Then don't smoke. Why are you smoking if you don't like the effects?
    Don't smoke all the time, you won't enjoy smoking anymore
    Also are you getting g your bud from a reliable source?

    It seems like they make names up nowadays or just call it whatever sounds like good will make it sell quick
  17. I don't know much about the places in Cali but maybe you can find the type of dispensary that can do a beter job recommending the right strain for the appropriate outcome????
    Don't those guys know what their bud can and can't do?
  18. Hard to be un-bored. Kinda like how it is to get un-high if you have any lasting tolerance to your given substance, which in this case is spending time alone thinking about that instead of enjoying your new environment.

    Settle in, settle down, and spark up! Life will still be there when you see the sky from the other side...
  19. Sounds like, new environment overrides your level of comfort.

    If at first you don't succeed.... Try a more suitable strain. Your local budtender would be more than jolly to point you in your preference towards satisfaction.

    Happy toking 😅
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    You just started smoking. Build your tolerance up and you won't get as tired

    Or try a strain with a lower thc % those are all top shelf strains you mentioned, much stronger than you can handle right now.

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