very cool poster

Discussion in 'General' started by thisisnotreal, May 17, 2006.

  1. splim and tustin. WHO iN THE WORLD calls weed that lol. very cool poster indeed. i wouldnt mind owning it lol
  2. VERY cool poster
  3. yeah, i'm about to move into a new house, it's the perfect excuse...
  4. Dude thats some daaank tustin.

    Yeah, that's not gonna work.
  5. Thats pretty cool , there are some pretty obscure names on that thing tho...
  6. That is cool

  7. they got goofy boots on there? hahaha
  8. haha some loser gave me -rep on this thread and the only comment was "your gay"

  9. *sigh* i hate people that do that shit.
  10. i bet it was a purple bar haha. but thats gay as hell. i hate how people wont leave there names on neg rep,

  11. haha that was an awesome poster. nice man.

    now pass the oolies.
  12. chrck out the scarface ones
  13. i was gonna edit chrk but i think i like it better
  14. That is a cool poster. I was half expecting one of those cliche college posters, but that one's pretty bitchin. Might have to get it...

  15. Well i gave u +rep in another thread :smoke:
  16. Took me awhile to notice at first that it's made of words. haha, awesome!

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