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Very cool idea i think!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NickM420, May 23, 2010.

  1. I just thought of this. Sounds good lol.

    What if, everytime you made a pickup, you took a nug and put it in a jar, that way on a holiday such as new years, 4/20, or your birthday or whatever you could bust out a jar of a bunch of a variety of bud and toke? It sounds cool to me. I think I may try it.

    what are my fellow blades thoughts on this?
  2. Im way too "cheap" when it comes to weed. Ive tried it and every time I go dry after the last pick up, I just head straight to my "reserve jar" (what you just described) and empty it lol. But i think im going to try it for real on my next pick up.
  3. yeah I agree, sometimes you just need to clear your mind, and if you don't have any except for the jar, it would be really hard to hold yourself back.
  4. I do this already, save it for a rainy day supply or when things get low. Last 4/20 I smoked up all I had saved, was a nice treat. Go for it!
  5. I know for a fact once I hit a dry spell I'd smoke that bud up so fast. I mean it could be a good idea if you can hold back from smoking it when you have no bud.
  6. Whenever you get a pickup/bag/more green take the biggest nug out and save it in a jar.
    on a rainy day it's the best because it's just a fresh variety of your last month's pickup, just when you thought you weren't gnna have any! (or whatever your situation happens to be)
  7. haha mannnnn i tried that shit... it worked for two weeks, then when my sack ran out i went tearin through my room lookin for that little film canister, rolled that shit up and went for a stroll.

    but it IS a damn good idea. i just have no self control :smoke:
  8. i used to have a big ass plastic bong (no water) that i used EVERY day
    and it was a completely straight tube so it was real easy to scrape
    yeah i mean scrape and smoke the resin and it gets me high as fuck
    but every time id smoke id sprinkle just a little bit of weed down inside
    it was always just a tiny bit so it never hurt my bag at all but it builds quick
    then when i was out id go to clean that and have like three or four bowls
    of actual weed coated in sticky resin plus the bong to scrape itself
    it made the weed taste like resin but it actually would get me really high
    and it was fucking awesome to have when i was completely out
    i might start doing that again actually...
  9. its a good idea except if ur weed gets old and moldy but its a really good and creative idea:)
  10. Haha I wouldn't last, I'd just keep staring at the jar (which would probably have like 1 nug in it)
  11. i do this and grind it all up together and make a salad of "oh my god" lol
  12. I did this for a while.

    Every time I got a new strain, I'd take a good bowl-sized nug out, seal it up in some plastic with the name on it, and throw it in a jar.
    Months later I couldn't find any weed for a while, so I whipped out my stash and had like 15-20 bowls all ready to smoke. :smoking:

    Sometimes nowadays, I'll just grab a gram or two out of my bag, seal it up good and stash it somewhere and then pretend it never happened. :p
    Then if I run out for a while I remember "oh yeah, I have that backup bowlage to smoke". :D
  13. id proably smoke it when i was hurting , but it sounds like a promising idea.
  14. I wish I got bud on a basis regular enough to even CONSIDER this. Sounds like a good idea in theory but would totally not work for me.

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