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  1. hey everone this is my first post and yesterday i had a horrible day first my truck got stolen then i had to take my plants outta my house caz the cops came then when i went to go pick up my plants 2 had fallen over :mad: now the one plant was almost completely fallen over and the other one was about half way fallen and all i did to fix it was i took 2 peaces of wood and put it in with my plants and tied it with some string and i was wondering if theres anything that i could possible to make this problem go away :confused: i have pictures witch i will post also

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  2. you need to make the stem stronger. Put dirt as high as you can (to the first set of leaves if possible) then get a fan blowing on them.
  3. iight ill give that a shot but the only thing i got right now for a fan is a computer fan would that work?
  4. yea as long as it puts out some air to move the plant around alittle.
  5. shit u respond fast well i jus put my cpu fan on my plants....thanks for the help

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