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Vertigo and Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by thuglife389, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. So last year I had a very bad experience. I got extremely baked and got severe dizziness causing me to throw up. I found out I had something called 'Vertigo' which is a feeling of motion when you are stationary. Has this ever happened to anyone else? BTW that is the only time that has ever happened to me.
  2. Fuck I have the exact same thing. I never knew what was causing it though, I aways thought I was greening out or some shit. FUCK!:mad:
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    Ya, it happens when you smoke too much. Try smoking less. Plain and simple.
  4. Haha where im from we call it getting dry drunk, and ive experienced it many times. But sometimes i think its fun. As said, just smoke less or build up a better tolerance.
  5. Were you on an empty stomach?
  6. have you been to the doctor? 'cause vertigo wont make you throw up.. you will feel sick, but as there is no biological change, you wont actually throw up.

    sounds like you greened out tbh. and seriously, 95% of people will of greened out at some point.. and like me, most of them will immediatly look for any other cause than smoking too much. But it actually is just smoking too much. theres so many factors that can increase the risk of it, low blood sugar being the main, that there's not much you can do about it. Once you accept that yeah, you probably did smoke too much then it'll alot easier to cope with next time.

    btw, vertigo is crystals forming in our inner-ear cannal.. smoking will NOT affect this.
  7. For some medical patients, weed is an effective treatment for vertigo
    Alternative Treatment for Vertigo; Marijuana (Cannabis) | Medical Marijuana Blog
  8. I've had vertigo a couple times, once after taking a few gravity bong hits of sour diesel and the other time after just smoking bowl after bowl, so it probably is just from being too high (no such thing right? :smoke:) I found that watching things in fast motion can cause it, like playing video games or watching high action movies, stuff like that. If you get that feeling again, try just closing your eyes and finding your center, tell yourself your just high, and try to relax. It will fade away. Happy toking! :wave:
  9. Vertigo is an actual condition, unaffected by marijuana. When you smoke and cough a lot sometimes you'll get the feeling of dizziness and loss of control similar to vertigo. Also, the ill-feelings may have been from something other than the ganja. Did you smoke a blunt when you threw up? A lot of times an excess of tobacco can be fatal for someone who doesn't smoke tobacco.
  10. You can have a pre-existing condition. I have Meniere's disease. I can just start "spinning out" for no reason, and yes you do throw up, because at that point it's like motion sickness because the spinning is so bad. Usually someone with Meniere's disease also has tinnitus, or ringing of the ears. I have had no spins since vaping only though, which is why I'm sticking to it. Other triggers for spinning attacks for people with Meniere's disease are caffeine and salt intake. Oddly enough now, I judge the quality of herb with how much it makes my bad ear ring.
  11. I have vertigo and take meds every day for it. Weed doesn't affect mine. It was caused by damage from an infection to my left inner ear...and won't go away and there's nothing to fix it. Sometimes I have to take more meds for it and sometimes less...I never can tell until the vertigo kicks in.

    I've been very nausous with it, though.

    I get high every single day of my life and it does nothing to affect my vertigo. Good luck. :)

  12. Vertigo can most certainly make you vomit. I have a type of migraine that causes vertigo and it can get bad, MJ helps with the nausea when I am having an episode. But, when I am having a bad one it will seem like the room is actually spinning, not just feel that way but look that way to me, and my eyes will even be moving in opposite ways unable to focus.

    You were probably just a bit to high man, I wouldn't worry to much if I were you man..
  13. Ha yea sometimes Ill be sitting perfectly still and I feel liek my eyes are locked shut and I cant open them then I feel like im being shaken constatly back and foruth. kinda epic. luckily I dont get sick from it.

    Side note: My step mom was smoking with me last night, she occasionally smokes but last night I gave her some puffs off a blunt which she liked and form my glass pipe like always. The I found out a bit later that she was puking and had mad diareahh. Could it be related to weed and maybe she greened out or what?
  14. i often "pop" my ears (hold nose and try to blow air out of it)

    and one time i was very sick and i popped my ears, but they kept popping and wouldnt stop and i could hear what sounded like air leaving my ears and it kept going and i suddenly became lightheaded and it kept going and the whole room started spinning from left to right and then it would reset and go from left to right again and i was in PC class in school and i fell off my chair onto the ground and started getting very nauseous, started gagging (almost vomiting) and then the my ears stopped and i was fine.

    it was one of the worst feelings in my life and i feel very sorry for people who have it.

  15. Lol?
    Ive thrown up because of vertigo.

    At the hospital..
  16. dude i get tht all the time now that im takin mor and mor breaks to keep my tolerance down. iv never thrown up i actually love the feeling. its like ur spinning in space.
  17. Could have been the blunt paper or something completely unrelated to weed, maybe something she ate, because I don't think marijuana gives you diarrhea. You have a rad step-mom.

  18. i get it at work occasionally. I have a conveyer belt that runs parallel to me for 4-5 hours a day. Whenever it gets shut off I feel all off centered.

    Every once in a while I'll get it from smoking... like stand up too fast and get crazy dizzy.
  19. I get vertigo, but it is worse when I'm sober. It's usually when I change my elevation levels. When I'm sober, my vision will start to go white and then I will black out. When I'm high, my vision will start to go white and then fade back to normal.
  20. Standing up and feeling dizzy is NOT the same thing as vertigo... just thought I should put that out there. :confused_2:

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