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  1. who's done it? im planning on starting a garden, but don't really feel like paying up the butt for expensive fertilizers! i already have a couple of apple, pine, strawberry, and other sapplings growing. i was wondering how does this affect taste? look? health of the plants? as well as my mj grow i want to know how it affects it if i grown in 100% castings with vermiculite? i don't think i'd even need fertilizers whatsoever!? :smoke: i plan on having a 35 gallon rubbermade container stocked full of this crap! thanks! helpful sites that didn't really help with my questions, but did help with other questions i had. :D
  2. OldPork does it. He has a sticky.
  3. Earthworm castings are THE VERY BEST fertilizer that you can include in any garden regardless of what they're growing, IMHO

  4. i know he has a sticky, nowhere does it say if you could use 50/50 of compost and something else to help aerate. does it give it a diff taste?
  5. Then message OldPork and ask him. I am sure he will be delighted to answer any questions.
  6. Just checking something sorry

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