Verizon Sucks!

Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Verizon has that BOGO right now.. you get a free one for someone else on your plan.
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    Well I have T-Mobile. They don't make you get data with the Pearl or Pearl Flip. Maybe its different with other carriers.

  3. Last I checked, the cheapest BlackBerry plan Verizon offers is around $45. At least, that's what I pay for the data plan on my Storm. But yes - No data plan, No BlackBerry.
  4. Yea I have 1 somewhere here.. Its a good phone. The keyboard isn't flimsy at all. For RIM's first flip it was a pretty good phone.
  5. I've never really had a problem with Verizon... But then again, I don't pay my own phone bill. :poke:

    Even after I moved out, my parents kept me on their "family plan" so we could call each other without using any minutes. But then again whenever I call them it's on their house phone, so it doesn't really matter anyway... :hide:
    Plus don't they do that thing now where you can call anyone on the network without using minutes? :confused:

    I don't know. Either way, I'm not going to complain. ;):p

  6. Exact same situation for me.

  7. chill. gonna get it
  8. it sounds like no one here has had a nextel


    beat that
  9. I think the T-mobile monthly plan in general is more expensive than at&t. I dunno, I'll have to check.
    I said it wrong, the cheapest data plan for at%t is also %45, but added with the cheapest monthly plan which is $30, it comes out to $75. Which I'm guessing is probably the same with Verizon unless their monthly plans are cheaper than $30?
  10. Damn, T-Mo's cheapest plan ($30) and Unlimited BB data ($25) is only 55/Month.
  11. Hmm, again I get to inject a thread with my AT&T workplace knowledge.

    Beginning September 6th, all newly activated PDA/Data/Smartphones will require a $30/mo data plan. Activations prior to the 6th who don't currently have a data plan will not be required to keep one.

    The data plan is $30 for iPhones, $30 for Blackberries, $30 for any of the PDA style phones.

    The cheapest voice plan you can get in most cases is the nationwide 450 minute plan with rollover, unlimited mobile to mobile, and 5000 night & weekend minutes, which costs $39.99.

    So to get an iPhone or Blackberry, or other Smartphone going, you'll have to spend a minimum of $70 per month. The $30 data plan includes direct email management for personal email addresses like, so basically you can treat your email box the same as you do text messaging right on the phone.

    If you use a Samsung Eternity, Solstice, LG VU, LG Shine, Motorola Razr, or any other regular flip/slider with a web browser the same data plan without direct email is only $15. If you're already on a family plan with Family Text messaging, you can get data for a regular phone for only $10.

    Whereas right now the cheapest way to get full unrestricted access is using Boost Mobile, AT&T is definitely competitive with the major carriers and has tenfold better customer service.
  12. As for T-Mobile, I just checked and their $39.99 plan is 300 minutes, without mobile to mobile, and the Smartphone data plan is $24.99

    So in comparison to AT&T you're paying $5 less, you get 150 less minutes, no rollover, no mobile to mobile, but you get your 5 Faves for free calling.

    Pretty much what I expected, most major networks at this point are going to be pretty similar when it comes down to it, with minor differences elsewhere. For example, AT&T has a $175 early termination fee which drops by $5 each month. T-Mobile is a set $200 ETF.

    Anyway, don't get me wrong I'm not a huge AT&T nutswinger, it's just my job to be informed on whats out there, and for major carriers AT&T is in most circumstances the best value and definitely the best when it comes to customer service.

    For pure value with shitty customer service, No Contract Prepaid Cell Phones & Unlimited Plan | Boost Mobile | unwrongedâ„¢ is the cheapest for unrestricted use. Their coverage is also spotty, and sound quality when you're in a coverage area is pretty bad, but again, it's all about price.
  13. How verizon sucks? My friend can get a signal in the mountains. I'm on t-mobile and I don't get any service. Same with AT&T and Cricket...
  14. Verizon is the shit, dude. I have Verizon on both of my phones. Both of them get signal fucking everywhere, internet access everywhere. It's awesome. I can be in bum fucked egypt in a basement and get service.
  15. i ended up getting what looks like a chill phone last night.

    I have to agree with everyone that Verizon's cell phone reception is usually solid
  16. verizon is really fucking annoying
    you sit there and tell them every flaw you have with their service
    and they just kind of shake their head and roll their eyes
    they suck
  17. T-Mo all the way. I have my BB Storm on T-Mo cuz I can't stand Verizon..
  18. reppin that sidekick sonnnn,hahah
    not the best,but gets the job done
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