Verizon Sucks!

Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I've been looking for a phone to replace my g-zone phone and there isn't one fucking normal nice looking flip open phone, WTF]


    post your verizon horror stories here :smoking:
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  3. Picture fucking unrelated.


    Anyway, yeah Verizon sucks, but it sucks much less than other companies (fucking AT&T)

    Anyway, the Motorola Rival is okay, got it for free my second year. Its a slider, but the keypads ok and its touch screen works pretty well.
  4. AT&T is the way to go...

    Almost -rep for posting such a huge fucking picture.
  5. iPhone.

  6. I have verizon its alright just expensive but what isn't these days
  7. verizon can suck my dick. they fucking screwed me over so bad when i had a 2 year contract with them... I mean i got a fucking 300 dollar bill on a 160 dollar unlimited plan back like 2 years ago. what the fuck? seriously, it's unlimited, stop fucking giving me these fees and fines everywhere. i didn't fucking download any thing that month anyways! seriously verizons the worst motherfucking company ever and if i met their ceo i'd slap that motherfucker on sight. i'm pretty bitter about them. fuck them.
  8. AT&T is fucking worse than Verizon.

    \thread back on.
  9. it pisses me off that i can't find one fucking phone on sale that is small and nice looking with good features .................... looks like they are trying to copy the i-phones success, seems to be all they have that looks good- but i don't want a fucking laptop in my pocket[​IMG]
  10. verizon does have some wild hidden fees but shit they got coverage everywhere
  11. i cant even hear shit in my own house... and there phones are fuckin cheap and dont last.

    i buy a two year contract and the battery goes out in 3 months and the phone in 6. fuck them

  12. my g-zone phone has lasted forever.

    it is literally unbreakable. i have even tried lighting it on fire

  13. yeah but it looks like you have a pet rock in your pocket. and the camera is shit on the older ones
  14. yah- my camera sucks. thats partly why i wont a new one and this thing is too fucking heavy
  15. i checked out everything on their site. one phone that looked decent was the alias 2


    but the reviews are so mixed i dont know what to go with
  16. What about that Blackberry Flip.. I don't think they require a data plan with that BB. It flips, good camera and features.

  17. thanks for the help. that actually looks like a chill phone. think i'm gonna get that [​IMG]
  18. I dunno, I'm pretty sure all black berries (and smart phones) require data plans. I went up to my local at&t store yesterday, and the cheapest data plan for smart phones a month is at least $70.:eek:

    I can't afford $70 a month with what I'm making at AMC. So I'm thinking about ordering a free phone from at&t when I start a new plan and just putting the SIM card in my LG Shine.

    But I really wanted a black berry.:(

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