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  1. I'm in the planning stages for growing in my basement. I'm trying to figure out where I should vent to get the smell and moisture out of the house. The temperature is freezing where I live so venting through a window would be difficult. I have easy access to my chimney, but my hot water heater is also being vented through it.

    Could this be a potential problem? My concern is gasses backing up into the house.

  2. Try to find some other way:eek:.If not do you know any HVAC Techs? Maybe we have one here that would know if there is a safe way to do this.
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    Yeah, I just can't go through with it not knowing 100% that it's ok.
  4. You can vent the filtered air into your house, but you still need a fresh source of air. If it's filtered it wont smell.

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