Venting your grow room and light through the same fan?

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    Hey everyone thanks for taking the time to read this.
    So I'm planning out my grow room and was just wondering. Im plannin on getting this Cooltube hood for 400w hps/mh.(400w Ballast Air Cool Tube MH HPS Grow Light System). I understand you have to also buy an inline fan, so I was thinking about buying this 6" inline fan from Panasonic(FV-30NLF1 - Inline Fans - Shop and Compare at Panasonic).

    Can I run that hood/fan setup like this and will it be sufficient to expell the heat from the light and keep the room a nice temperature:

    DIY Carbon Scrubber--->Cooltube with Light---->Fan---->Ducting out

    Would it be better to have the carbon scrubber at the beginning of the exhaust like shown above, or at the end of the exhaust right before it expells the air into the open?

    Thanks in advance everyone, gotta love the City!! :wave:
  2. Yep works good....vent outside, or out of that room
  3. I would think it would be better to have the filter after the light but before the fan only because I have read that the fan pulls air through seams or whatever in the light casing, so if the filter is before the light you could still be venting smelly air. Not a lot but it might just be enough to cause a problem.
  4. yeah, but how would you do that with his configuration??? the way he has it laid out will work
  5. Yeah, his way will work, but he asked whether it would be better to have the filter before the light or after, I say after.


    Cooltube with Light---->DIY Carbon Scrubber--->Fan---->Ducting out
  6. please show me one example of putting a filter like you have laid out... just one...

    maybe it would be, but who wants to custom design a carbon filter to put it inline with a fan when you can(if your not diy handy) just purchase one and stick it before the light

    i don't get it
  7. In a 3x3 tent I used to have it all inside

    carbon filter > fan > cooltube >out into another room

    now it is

    carbon filter > cooltube > out of tent > fan >out into another room

    I put the fan in a box and covered it with blankets to quiet it down.

    make sure you have the air flowing into the cooltube on the opposite side of the bulb and socket
  8. I would put the carbon scubber after the cooltube also, like Bradlo explained. Tihspeed, I don't think you are understanding fully - nothing major would have to be done other than moving the scrubber to the other side of the cooltube. It just makes more sense. Plus I've done it that way for years and have never had any issues.
  9. maybe if you put it on the other side of the fan... i could see that, not on the other side of the cool tube...

    now if your comment is duh... maybe its common sense to you, it might not be to this guy

    but if you were trying to add the filter to the other side of the fan, yes! this is a much better idea... as posted in 1000 other posts.. that is always the best scenario

    but this is not what bradlo or you suggested... putting the filter on the other side of the cooltube would be a monumental undertaking

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