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  1. I've got a two cabinet grow that's smallish scale. I'm not even in flower and I can smell a faint odor in my basement (where the grow rooms are) and near vents on my first floor even with the carbon filter. It's only the air coming out of the filter/vent as I've got a serious pressure and suction in the correct ways. I'ts faint but if I can smell it now it's only going to get worse. In the non-winter months I don't care as we have windows open, but I want my house not to have a hint of MJ.

    So, if I take my vent and put it out of a basement window will I see steam/signs of venting all winter? I don't have a good way to vent out of a chimeny from where I grow, so Iw as thinking of sending it out of one of the basement window wells, but I don't want steam rising all winter long drawing attention. Can anyone comment on this? done this? seen this? I could vent direct to a window well or I could run it under my deck for like 20' or so to let the air cool before it comes out of the end of the vent to try to avoid the steam.

    Would love some thoughts on this.
  2. You wont have steam, your thinking a dryer vent. Steam would only occur if you were moving really warm humid air from the space to the outside.

    Youd have to keep in mind that it would be warm enough to melt snow. To me though thats wasted energy. If you have to heat your home in the winter you should keep that air in the house. Have you thought about getting either a different or bigger carbon filter? Venting stinky air outside will still be stinky air outside.
  3. Well, I have a phresh filter that should be plenty for my rooms, they're sealed up but it's just a faint lingering odor that I can pick up. It's nowhere near as smelly as the rooms, but you can smell it. I had really wanted to keep the air in my house to heat things up, but to be honest it's heating a corner of my basement below a thick floor and then tile, where above it in the room where above the vent I don't notice any difference in floor temp.

    I did find that I have access to my stack, not sure how I want to get into it, have to do a little research.
  4. Wow filter and still smell it not in flower you must have an impressive veg going on
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  5. Trust me, I don't :)

    I just redid my cabinets...I suppose I should check to be sure my filter didn't fall off or isn't leaking, this seems too weird!

    DING DING DING< we have a winner!

    Slight, 1" tear in my flexible hose, I was pulling air around the filter some of the time. F' me. At least I know how to fix it. It's not going to be fun to redo but at least it's something I can work with. I still want to vent out my stack but the priority is gone to do so. Grrrr

    Thanks for questioning me and making me think for a moment. It looks fine, air is coming in/out like it should I'm just bypassing my damn filter!
  7. Lol man it's always something small well good luck and good bowls
  8. gonna be a while til I have anything to puff on :( Most of the reason for me doing a grow was my completely unstable supply chain and awful quality of goods. My vegging girls smell better than the last bag I bought.
  9. Lol been there
  10. not even an hour after I patched it, not a smell at all again. PHEW!!!! Thank you so much. I've got a buddy on his way back into town for the holidays from Colorado. I'll just have him bring me a sack of something stinky.
  11. Yeah no prob more heads are better than one and enjoy that CO kush

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