Venting into central ac/heat vent?

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  1. I might be a little too stoned from some dabs (its my friday night!) but I'm looking into setting up a 600 or 1000w. I'm in an apartment and I can either drill some holes out of my wall that leads into a walk-in closet in my bathroom..

    but my question is, can I run my fan pushing air IN to the A/C vent that currently cools my room?
  2. why not ? Ac take air from the side if its a portable, and normally some walled one take air from the back and the side in some case.
    the only maybe problem i see is that your going to use always the same air if its a portable one so no fresh air is not rllly good. but im pretty sure its not your only source of air,( well i presume ? )
  3. Oh I mean can I exhaust into a central ac vent in the apartment?

    I have peered into there and basically it's like if you took a "T" intersection .

    There are 3 ac vents one going to my room one going to the kitchen (right outside my room) and one going to the main area or living room/dining area.

    I hope that makes sense. In the middle where they all basically start/meet is a big area. I'm wondering if I can vent back into the ac vent and basically send te hot air out into the living room/kitchen/ etc

    Thank you!
  4. sure why not, this air will mix with the air exchanger /ac,
  5. awesome thats exactly what I wanted to hear lol!
  6. Don't forget the smell will go through all the rooms the a/c is hooked up to.
    I temporarily removed the duct coming from the a/c unit and vent into my attic. but i don't live in an apt, so that's probably different for you.
  7. Thanks I will be using a carbon filter inside the tent during flower.

    My main concern was any issues exhausting into an a/c vent that would be sending air against it?
  8. If the a/c system fan is off there wont be any air blowing against it, if its on then obviously the a/c system will be blowing out cold air.
  9. Doors are cheap to replace

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