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Venting into A/C VENTS ok? *Grow Tent*

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by sixletterscurvy, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. I have not seen this question posted anywhere yet. I have only seen posts related to rooms with 1 a/c vent blowing in. I know its BEST to vent outside.


    If there are TWO vents in a closed room, central a/c air, one sucks air out and one blows air in...

    Would venting a grow tent into the vent that sucks air be a bad decision?

    The exhaust would be cleaned with carbon scrubber first. I know the a/c unit turns off periodically, but the fan is like 500cfms so could it still blow air down the vent? They are located in the floor so the tent would exhaust out the top and blow down into the suck vent. Would it then be necessary run the blow vent into the tent for fresh air? (or have a small fan blow it in from the room?)

    Thanks for your help. I can't find an answer anywhere!
  2. since you have two fans......

    why not create a loop to cool your lights with one fan

    and scrub the air and draft new air into your room with the other....

    i think you would have lower temps this way.... bit more ducting..... but this accomplishes both tasks without worrying about positive and negative pressures with pushing and pulling air....

    what kinda fans? whats the size of the room? what kinda lights? whats the cmf's of each of the fans? whats the temp of your room now? how many fans are you using now?

    i really think my idea is best.... well its not my idea.... its really the idea of every stealth cab and every great grower on this site.... gl
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    Kinda like he said above, it would create neg pressure in the actual room the tent is in, affecting the climate/temp of the ambient area your tent is in... unless you were bringing same amount of air in...
    if u do try it, make sure to put a backdraft damper after your fan, just in case
  4. Its a 4x4x6 tent. Not setup yet. 400watt hps/mh air cooled hood, 400somethingcfm rated carbon scrubber, and a 500something cfm centrifigul fan. Those parts all have 6'' flanges.

    The room has the two vents (suck and blow) just like a normal room, but if the vent covers are taken off they have a 6'' duct, perfect fit. Exahusting to the "suck" vent would take the air BACK into circulation, but then that circulation is slowly chimney'd out. So some would circulate but would be introduced to new air. Thats ok?

    The alternative to all of this is a 4'' dryer duct that would be perfect because it goes right outside, but its only 4" inches. Would exhausting 6" into a 4" vent cause some bad back pressure? However the room with this duct is not a/c controlled :( (and winter is nie)
  5. You could in theory take the exhaust from the tent through ducting and remove the back of the window based AC unit and take the exhaust ducting and hook it straight into the AC unit. Then on most window based AC units there is a lever or switch that selects fresh air, closed air or re-circulate air. Choose re-circulate air and then you would have a closed system. I would only do this with the vented lights and still draw fresh air into the tent on the bottom, but you would have to figure out a way to still release the fresh air coming into the room at the top of the tent somehow as the plants need a fresh supply of air. In the end you would have AC blowing into the lights keeping them real cool and then fresh sir coming in and you should have as close to an ideal setup. Thre only drawback is if the AC blows out and then you are stuck with a mess.
  6. ive got a simmilar open question regarding venting light heat into a furnace cold air return (about the same as your doing but I dont need the intake part).

    bad idea?
  7. Dude. To be as un intrusive as possible, n not unscrew metal filter things on rooms exhaust. (All rooms in a centrally ACd house have a blow n pull. My tent is right under my pull out vent on ceiling ;) I'm thinking jus ducting my 6" exhaust fan to a shoe box/Heineken 6 pack box I took from garbage at work. Cut off top flaps. Gonna seal it best I can over tightly over vent w tape. N duct right into shoe box/cardboard beer box sitting tightly over tent ROOMS' MAIN exhaust. (250cfm-tent is only 2'x2'x4.5ish. Plenty) also still deciding on a 4" inch bottom fan n ducting for tent air INTAKE I think w my platinum LED p300 n high watt CFL side lighting, running a push fan into tent I won't really need for great control. But possible fresh air n co2 for girls.. Should be set up weeks end. Waiting on Amazon. N a weird site I got tent from. P300 n 2x 23w 6500k CFLs in a 2' by 6' wide room closet. My meter says 81° highest ever reached. And 47%-49 Rh. That's just with fans blowing on it. For how much light this p300 (370$ -180 watt actual draw when bloom mode is switched on too..) This model is a big step in LEDs. Just gotta find that g-spot where the LED has most intensity for best spread. It's a trade off if u bring it closer. Better Penetration. Less coverage.(n risk of light burn/bleaching.) Won't be surprised if I get another p300 LED to add into my soon to be built n vented tent :) everything I never did in my past grows. I'm doing on this one :D stored to get these babies SCROG'd up! Best way to an even canopy. Especially w LED. Jus my 2 cents. Hope u all have a good night. I got some purple urkle to chill on tonight :) will keep an update if y'all interested
  8. Here's some pics of my setup in my spare bedroom ac cool house but also have a ac unit rigged to the tent. Plants have loved it since install [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    "Master scroller"
  9. Dudeeee same idea with box over AC n veng out of it! *high five* lol. Cept mines from central air so I have a booster ducted from AC blowing even harder on girls. Im getting a GOOD cfm outake. N will use my ducted central AC as intake. Has any one done this?
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