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  1. so i have a 12x12 flower room with 2 600 and 1 1000 and i have it venting into the hallway as seen in crappy paint pic made on my laptop. and i have a veg room around 6x7 with a four inch fan blowing into the attic my question. Should i have both rooms venting into attic our should i have them venting out side any help would be great?????????

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  2. If possible outside. More importantly make sure they have a source to pull fresh air in. Also be weary of odors when venting. Carbon filters are your friend. Sorry if you've all ready covered these issues. Just puttin it out there.
  3. If your venting into the hallway then the room is pulling air from the hallway too. Venting outside is best but dangerous especially if you have snoopy neighbors :cool: Venting into the attic is best and safest IMO but the attic will also heat your whole house but more gradually and to a lesser degree.

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