Venting and Lighting Question on Grow Tent.

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  1. ok so im getting a 55x55x79 Grow tent.

    I plan to fit 8 5 Gallon buckets.
    is 400watt enough?
    also how do i vent it Properly? I know i need to get Duct but do i just let it hang and duct out the top ? or what do i need to do to properly vent it without spending 100s of dollars?
  2. yea 400 is enough and depending on your light hood if it is open or fitted for ducting if it is fitted for ducting just run one fan for vent and one for circulation but if your hood is not fitted for ducting then it is ok for you to fix it to where it will just vent the wholle room instead of the heat from the lamp i just went through this because mines is not fitted for ducting so i had to just vent the whole room

  3. I just setup a Secret Jardin II 120 tent. Close to the same size. 47x47x79. I'm using a 400w HPS and i'm having MAJOR temp issues. Tent is in my garage and I live in South Flordia soooo. My temps are 90-92 degrees with a oscillating fan. I have a the Phresh Filter, Ducting. Just waiting on the Vortex 400 CFM fan, if that doesn't lower the temps I'm not sure what to do. I can't even imagine running a 1000w. Though I've gotten good results growing in these temps before, i'm sure I'd have even better buds if I could spring for a 20,000 BTU ac.
  4. Yeah you have to get a ac, budding plants don't like alot of humidity and a ac will help with that as well
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    I'm having the exact same problem with heat. I live in the south as well, hopefully they'll grow at 90 degrees. Just ordered a second 240 cfm inline fan, hope it works...

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