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    So I'm nearing the conclusion of researching and planning a tent setup. Was wondering about heat and ventillation.
    I'll be getting a 4'x4'x6.5' tent and putting a 600w mh/hps inside of it. Currently my plans for ventilation is just one 240cfm 6" inline duct fan pulling air through a carbon filter through the top of the tent.
    I'm not sure if this is enough because I have never dealt with something as powerful as a 600w light. From a heat standpoint, is it enough to keep temps in check with just my one inline duct fan, or do I need to get a secondary 6" fan to directly blow air over the hood to cool things down?
    Ambient is 72-72F right now and will be 62-64F in the winter, and I hope to be able to grow year round.

  2. I run a 424cfm fan with my 600w at about 75% using a speed controller in a 4.5 x 4.5 tent with a cooled hood.. Temps stay about five degrees above ambient for me.
  3. Ya I would say an air cooled hood is in order and yes a 6 in duct fan would work but not without the air cooled hood.
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    Right, so I'm thinking having multiple exhausts kind of defeats the purpose that the carbon filter serves(obviously).
    It is probably overkill to get another one of these ducted mixed flow exhaust fans and I'm trying to keep noise at a minimum, so I would have one of two options:
    I've viewed your threads. Do you think I could do the same thing and pull air through a pass-through pryrex tube hood like you? Noise is of highest concern to me, I can't have a rocketship in my room where I sleep for obvious reasons :p
    I'll be ok with temps at 8-10F above ambient because my ambient is a constant cool 72-73F so that would actually put temps right where I want them.
    Noise is actually the majority of the reason that I spent $200 on this mixed flow inline fan for the high volume of air and high static pressure at a low noise level.
    Otherwise, alternatively could I run some sort of open-air ducted hood and run one of those cheap 6" duct fans and just blow air over it, and exhausting it with this inline 240cfm?

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