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  1. So looking for a second opinion to confirm something.

    I will be using a 10x9x8 room and have two fans for ventilation, should one be used to pull in air from the outside or both to exhaust air from both the lights and the room. They are both 450cfm inline centrifugal fans and two 1000 watt hps systems with great white 6'' reflectors. I do not have a co2 system and live in cali where humidity is little to no issue.

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    cold air inlet in the near the top blowing out.....create a circulation that draws the hot air up and out before it has a chance to heat up the plants. you might want to conctier using ducting to move the fans to a central location over the lights. cool tubes are a great idea too

  3. Can I cut a whole in the wall and put a vent covering over it to make it neat? And if so how big would it have to be to be effective? Can I run ducting from a window cover with a whole cut and a bracket fixed on it to fit the 6 inch duct?

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