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  1. Hi, im doing a micro grow but i have some thoughts about my grow space setup so i would like some tips from more experienced members.

    The temps are my main problem now.

    Currently my veg space is 40x60x40cm and i have two intake fans that blow fresh air directly onto the lights to cool them off and 2 bottom fans to take out the hot air but my guess is that they are not that effective at taking hot air out as hot air is going upward but since my fans are blowing pretty strong they make enough air movement to push some of the hot air in the right direction i think.

    Would it be more effective to reverse everything and put those 2 top fans to take the hot air out and bottom ones to pusg fresh air in? My guess is that it would be better but dunno, there will not be any fresh air blowing directly into the lights so i feel like they will get too hot?

    Thx for any suggestions.

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  2. by having them blow on the bulb you have created a space heater.
    You would be better off to have the in the top area pulling air thru this will keep the lower area where your ladies are cooler.
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  3. Holy crap, i did make a heater lol. Haha k thx. So i guess ill reverse the fans then.
  4. Agreed. In low, out high.

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  5. always best to put cool air from bottom and hot air outtake at top also those light r a little close they should never touch
    maybe a better outake fan is what ya need or vice versA

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  6. Yes, I agree with ruby, put cool air from the bottom and hot air intake on top this will be keep the air cool and fresh. I also want to share a special info that you should maintain your ventilation system regularly for proper functioning and good air flow.

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