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    I'm having major issues trying to figure out how to vent the two rooms because they are in the same area but need to be sealed off from each other (different light schedules, 18x6 veg, 12x12 flower).  Right now, I have a 6" carbon filter / fan in the closet area taking care of business, but when i shift things over to start flowering I'm going to need to vent both rooms because I'm going to clone / veg / flower at all times.
    Do I need to get another carbon filter for the second room?
    Having no air conditioning going to be a problem, or is air cooled enough?
    Kinda lost and need some ventilation help :)
    EDIT: Added a couple ventilation routes, not sure if there are better ones.  Any input is appreciated.


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  2. I would use your carbon filter in the flower room, veg rooms don't create much of a smell, but you'll want to keep the exhaust fan in there for air circulation(don't forget about oscillating fans also)
    You'll either need to find a way to exhaust the flowering room by cutting a hole through a wall for fresh air exchange, or you can keep the room sealed and supplement Co2 and get a dehumidifier. You'll probably also need an A/C unit or air cooled hoods(which again, will require you cut a hole through something.) or both depending on canopy temps.
    If you have a window in the flowering room you can always grab a piece of plywood cut to fit inside of the window, and cut your exhaust holes through that. Hope this helps
  3. I had a similar issue but wanted everything to go through one carbon filter. 
    I vent out of my flower room - through the carbon scrubber/fan setup. 
    I have a duct run from my veg to flower chamber, I put a 90 degree bend and sprayed the inside of a flexible 6" duct and no light comes through at all. I have it bent up in my flower room so it's above the light pointed at the ceiling and I did the same in the veg room. 
    My veg room has a vent for passive air intake and I get a nice tight seal from this with no light going into my flower chamber. 
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    Thanks for the replies, both of you. MrsMichigan, would you mind drawing up a sketch like I did with paint of your setup or even editing mine? Id appreciate the Shit out of that! Thanks again, I'm getting excited about my first flower!
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    Here is my question why you did not install the air conditioner it will help a lot but also install the exhaust fan to keep the rooms ventilated. if you have window so that will also help otherwise make a flexible long duct and put exhaust fan there, hope it will help..
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  6. there are no windows, the only way outside to vent is through an existing dryer vent not being used, thanks though.
  7. I will draw something up. Might be a day or two but I will do something.

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