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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by CFLweasel, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Is there any known issue with running the ventilation fans in my cabinet on a 12/12 cycle with the lights?

    it's a small area (32"L*18"Depth*38"H) under 12,000 lumens (188W) of CFL light. Is it absolutely necessary to have the fans on all the time or is half the time good enough?
  2. I dont think you HAVE to run the fan the whole time. My box is just a hair bigger than yours and I had to start running it 24/7 due to heat/humidity issues (bubblebucket grow). If it maintains good temps without, save some energy and just run it 12/12.

  3. yeah i'm in soil so i don't think humidity or mold is a big concern. I was running 40-50 watts of fans at various intervals. Do you think this affects plant growth at all? Anyway thanks man I think i'm gonna do it. +rep TexarkanaTim

    Anyone Else?
  4. More air exchange will mean more growth in general, its up to you.
  5. I always had a fan that ran with the light cycle level with the hood blowing through the CFL light fixture. The other fan in space about the same size as yours ran 24/7 to exchange as much air as possible like the poster above states.
  6. weasel, if your box has a passive intake, you should be fine

    just pay a little more attention when youre with your ladies, make SURE you dont get a mold problem.

    I also use soil, and my ventilation IN the box shuts off with lights, but still has a passive intake and I keep a fan circulating air outside the box, no problems

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