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  1. Hey guys! I have a question about venting my system. As my cabinet stands, there are 3-4" holes drilled in the back wall. The lower hole is a fresh air intake with a pc fan pulling air in. At the top are 2-4" holes attached to duct pipe running to a 6" booster fan and carbon filter. My question is if I should remove the fan from the fresh air intake. I can't tell if the fan is pulling enough air or if it is possibly restricting the air flow into the cabinet? Should I remove it and just allow the fresh air to naturally be drawn in from the pull of the exhaust fan? Thanks!
  2. If you can't tell a difference id say sure. See how temps arewithout it
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  3. I have no idea what kind of filter you are pulling with. You also didn't list what kind of filter or exhaust fan(CFM) you are using.

    My question is more why does it matter? Are temps becoming an issue? Put a piece of paper near them, make sure one is really sucking air out, and one is bringing new air in if that is your concern. You really need to know if you exhaust is sucking correctly, and it could become a passive intake(no fan). But if there is no issues with temps, and it's a sealed unit no smell, it's better to have an exhaust and active intake(for this). Just so nothing is working harder then the other. Also it will ensure you are getting constant fresh air.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Heat has become an issue. It has gone from a comfy 77F to over 90f now that everything is connected. I made the carbon filter myself. I had a bunch of perforated aluminum from work that I rolled into a 4"round tube and another 6" round tube. Using some aquarium carbon I filled the 1" gap between the tubes and connected my 4" exhaust pipe to it. I also added a 6" booster fan to pull the air out from the cabinet. The 6" fan is connected with 4x6" reducers on each side. I'll try and post some pics soon.
  5. Not sure if they are smelly try to remove your filter and see I'd that's the limiting factor. Yeah u never told me what exhaust fan you are using, but I cant see an active intake bing worse then a passive.

    Also what lights and what is the out side of the box temps?
  6. Fan is a 6" duct booster fan from Home Depot. 240cfm. Light is Roleandro "200W" COB.
  7. What's the watts from the wall and how big is the space.
  8. Sorry I have no No clue on watts at the wall. Space is a micro Grow cabinet. Very small 8x16x48"
  9. What's the brand and model of the led light?
  10. What's the brand and model of the led light?
  11. IMG_3929.PNG This is the light.
  12. What's the size of your grow space? And what is the temps out side of the grow space?
  13. My main issue is I am growing a smellier strain than usual. It's early flower and I can already smell it when I open my front door to my home. My wife is fed up. So I added some round duct pipe, a booster fan and homemade filter. Now I'm having major heat issues. I'm thinking I might have to pull the plug.
  14. Yeah I hear you. Do you have a budget to fix this issue? Also, whats the temp outside of the tent and your space?

    If you do scrape, take a monster clone and start over. This way you don't fully start over an buys you some time. Will take some time to re-veg, just tossing an idea out there.
  15. IMG_3930.PNG 8"x16"48" micro cab. Here is the fan I added. I don't think it is creating much of a negative pressure
  16. Thanks man. I appreciate the help. It is 73F in my house right now.
  17. Limited space is another issue. I have this stealth micro cab. I don't have anywhere to put a Grow tent. Stealth is key in my situation.
  18. Man I think the cheapest and wisest thing for you would be to sell/return your light and get something smaller. That is way too much light for that size my friend. Switch your lighting or figure out a way to pipe the heat from your light. You could in theory try to cut a hole at the very top of the box and have the fan from the light just shooting hot air out into your home with no smell(if you do have some negative pressure.) Granted this idea may move some smell out side of the box.

    That or down size or figure out a different filter. You have heat thats being trapped in there, let a lone I honestly think you are going to get bleaching with that light. How far away is it from your plant? So I don't think heat will be your only factor. If you want personal smoke I stick with a much less LED or CFL.
  19. I think you just need a proper filter and inline fan. Those little booster fans just don't have the static pressure to pull through a filter. I recommend a 6" carbon filter and a panasonic whisper fan.
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  20. I considered mounting the light on the top of the cabinet. That may be my next move. I have used this light with autoflowers previously. There wasn't any bleaching. Believe it or not I had a pretty nice haul from a dwarf auto flower in coco
    Bongsauce the Panasonic whisper fans look like bathroom exhausts. Would they provide enough pressure to flow through a filter?

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