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    the setup im looking at is a single 1000w HID, I see most people have their carbon filter inside with a fan pulling air out of the area via air cooled reflector, but most of the air that comes out must be unfiltered if you do it this way right? since its pulling a bunch of air out from the reflector that doesnt get filtered?
    would it be better if I ran ducting from the reflector to the fan pushing air out of the carbon filter outside of the area, so that all of the air is forced through the carbon filter at the end of the line, thus all gets filtered? 
    or could i do a positive pressure system with fan blowing air over the light bulb and through ducting out the tent and out the carbon filter outside the tent?
    as for intake, how many H.E.P.A filters would be required for filtering air as it comes into the tent
    the tent is 4.5ft x 8ft x 6ft 


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