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  1. I have a sealed closet, and how would i go about making ducting out? The main closet wall could be cut open directly to the outside, what should i do?

  2. do you have access to the upper part of the house? i sometimes cut a hole in the ceiling, and venting up. i get into the rafters/attic and vent that way. it works well.
  3. you could buy a spare door and chop a hole in it and vent in and out through it .
  4. Yeah, I can either go up through the ceiling, or directly out of the wall, so Im thinking im going to just cut a hole in the celing, then cut a hole in my roof, and connect them with pvc pipes. How big should the holes be, and what kind of pipes should I use? Thanks cloud9cruiser, your pics help, and I will use a carbon filter.
  5. I'm glad they did!
    Hope you have a great Grow!
  6. Through the attickis the way to go if you ask me. If your roof is properly vented you can just blow it out into the attick. If your roof is not properly vented you can cause mold. In the later case you would want to run at least 4 inch flexible ducting from the room to a vent in the roof. Make sure you buy, and properly install a roof vent when doing so. It is all very easy stuff to do. If you have any questions how just ask. Good luck.

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