ventilation help !

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  1. i dont want to hear dont try to grow pot if you live with your parent because they can go to jail....blah blah blah. but if i buy a canfan and a duct and put it out my window .... will my room still smell alot like weed? im planing to grow my first weed plant this spring when it gets a little hotter. im in the attic so the temp wont be a problem. and im going tomake a hydrosystem nd all but if i keep mydoor shut and put a towel underit and have the vent onwhile im in school will my house / room smell like straight marijuana?:smoke::D:eek::eek:

    help a brother out
    i just want to try this shit out
    and i live in NY so i dont live in a drecrim state
  2. 19 views and no answer please help
  3. bad idea brother...and it stinks...especially if you have no experience...ive walked into friends houses that didnt have a clue...the shit does hit you hard in the face...right at the front door....your actions by keeping people out of your room along with strong smells will certainly bring the attention you dont want.

    and respect your parents...they worked hard for where they have you

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