ventilation help for 10.5 cubic ft micro cfl cab

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Otto Maddox, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. hey everyone!

    i was looking at this fan to cool and exhaust a potential micro i've been planning forever. this has way more than i need so i was also planning on getting this speed control to slow it down.

    has anyone ever used this combo before?

    if i do this rig it needs to be stealth. i have a table top fountain that helps drown out random noise but will that be enough to cover the fan if its set to medium or low? i also planning on getting a table top hepa air filter at wal mart to help with my allergies as well so that should help make some more noise.

    im making a 4ft platform bed right now and i plan on stashing the cab underneath, so this should also drown things out a bit.

    oh ps its going to be under 150w cfl, prob sog (dr bud style in 20oz bottles), wood cab insides flat white, passive intake and soil as medium. right now im thinking 2ft L x 1.5 ft W or Depth x 3.5 H.

    sorry. thats a lot of numbers, no pictures, and im ripped so its probably hard to read :smoke:

    thanks everyone!
  2. damn might be overkill w/ that fan blowing so much in such a constrained space. You would most def need to lower the speed.
  3. i grow in 2 45 gal rubbermaid bins for a total volume of 14 CF and i have an inline duct fan at 160cfm(unrestricted) probably 60 cfm pushing air through my filter and around 220W of CFl's and my temps are still too high (90-95) so as someone with experience with a micro grow get that fan and set it up to pull air from the filter not push it through and your temps should be fine and control any odors.
  4. That baby looks pretty loud. Id rather just use a regular fan around the house instead of spending tons of money on that.

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