Ventilating a clothing closet?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by saucerful, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. So I am considering a closet thats about 3 feet wide x 3 feet deep x 8 feet tall. The closet has a normal hinged door like to a room. I cannot make any holes through the walls or door (except for screws for mounting stuff inside).

    My question is:

    is there a way to ventilate the closet without keeping the door wide open. I am really not sure how much airflow I need. I just experimented with a pc fan and battery charger and got that working, but it seems like very minimal airflow. I am also considering mounting a fan like this inside the back left of the closet and pointing it toward the part where the door opens, so that it blows air across the plants and out the door to the door.

    One thing I am not clear on is: which way do I want to move the air, into the closet or out? The closet is inside a relatively small bedroom with good a/c and great airflow through windows which will be usually open when during most of the day/when the lights are on.

    Thanks for any input guys...
  2. ps maybe this 4" fan is a nice medium between a pc case fan and the 8" one above...
  3. What kind of lights are you using?
  4. Without opening the door, or placing holes through walls, or the door there will be no ventilation... You want fresh air coming in, and stale air going out... No way to do that in a closet with the door shut, and no holes.

    You need holes in a box like that... With an exhaust fan blowing/pushing air out of the closet you will need a hole somewhere for passive intake... As the air is pushed/sucked out of the closet fresh air will be drawn in.. Exhaust air up high to get rid of the heat, and intake fresh cooler air down low..
  5. I am using CFL's, starting with 6x26=156 watts, adding more as I need it...

    Postman: Yeah, I understand that there needs to be an opening, and I plan on leaving the closet door open about 2 to 3 inches... is that enough? and which size fan do you think is appropriate?

  6. To be honest my first run was in a closet with doors left open.. Growing wasn't a problem in the location, so the sliding door was left open, and I had a 20 box fan pushing fresh air from the room into one side, and another fan on the other blowing hot air out... With a pretty open set up I was able to run two 250hps inches from the top of the plants, and produced many nice buds..

    with cfls as long as the room is cool to begin with you shouldn't have to much trouble running them... Ventilation is always important though, not only for temps, but for c02 exchange, and overall healthy plants.. The basic setup would be a fan down low to push air in, one up high to take out heat (heat rises) stale air out, and another lil occilating fan inside to blow over the plants and strengthen stems etc. Not sure exactly what your closet looks like, or what you have access too, but you got to try it out, and see how it goes.. I'd pick up a thermometer mount your lights, get some fans blowing and monitor temps. You can pick up the digital thermometers with the probes for reading indoor/outdoor for $9 bucks or so, couple more bucks you can get one to read humidity as well.... that'll always come in handy..

    What's your plans as far as odor come flower time? Since you have good air flow in the room i see no reason why you couldn;t grow as long as you can leave the door open some, run some fans, and be diligent come flower to keep a steady 12/12 light cycle..... Oh yeah for a whole 6 months I was married to my closet LOL.. Dropping everything and running home at 8 oclock.. Hell I haven't done that shit since 8th grade when i fell in love for the first time... Running home to call my girl... Last year seems so long ago.. So glad not having to do that anymore...... The running home to close the closet LMAO
  7. Great info Postman...

    I just got a thermometer/hydrometer for 12 bucks that I am very happy with, and I plan on doing what youre saying about running the lights to test temps soon.

    One thing is that I am sleeping in the room so I really can't leave the closet open at night, and can't run many fans though 1 or 2 computer case fans would be okay. But I am assuming that having the fans on and door wide open for a good 15 hours every day is sufficient.... and the fan in there for just circulating the air inside the closet/strengthening the stems can be on 24/7 as i won't hear it when the door is closed.

    Hopefully I don't get too obsessed with this closet as I have a college semester to think about. I am not trying to get spectacular weed or a huge crop... just one female so i can smoke fresh and cheap buds with the satisfaction of knowing i avoided drug dealers.

    I can slowly see that my seeds are opening up, and once I have them in there I can start experimenting and seeing what happens instead of just brainstorming. If everything goes smoothly expect a grow journal from me in a week or so.

    Thanks again, and +rep
  8. am growing in an area the same as yours and xant cut any holes in the closet at all. So i picked up some black/white sheeting with some velcro and stick that in plase of the doors (doors fully open) with the ducting for outtake coming out thrw a hole at the top of the sheet. working pretty well so far

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