Vent through hotwater heater exhaust pipe?

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  1. Any problems with putting a T in the hot water heaters exhaust vent and connecting a vent duct to it to exhaust air/odor out? The duct line would have an inline duct fan to help push it out.

  2. Potentially yes. First off, unless you really know about this stuff you should not mess with the exhaust system on your water heater, you don't want it to over-heat or the pilot light going out or anything. That exhaust system has to meet a building code, you should know all about that if you're going to mess with it. And what if your water heater breaks and a repairman sees your handiwork? I believe there also may be the potential for a backflow but I'm no plumber.
  3. I wouldn't especially if its a gas water heater. Your messing around with deadly exhaust fumes at that point. If you do it I would stick a carbon monoxide detector right next to it.
  4. Yes toastey you are right the flue pipe needs fall on it to work right or the house will fill with toxic fumes. If you know what u are doing it will work just make sure u do it right
  5. Yes, but you will NOT want a T, but instead a Y that you would place upside down, this will force the air up and out and not back down to the room or heater.

    If you live in a newer house, you coul vent it right in to the drain system for the sewage line, all of them are vented to the roof anyway.

    If you have fans in the bathrooms, you could also branch off of that.

    If you use the exhaust vent to the water heater, make sure that while the fan/heater are off and each is on, as well as both running, insert a match below the opening, the vent should blow out the match, if not, you do NOT have sufficent flow.

    Carbon Monoxide is deadly and odorless, either way, stop at walmart and pick up a detector.

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