Venice had shitty food

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  1. I was so disappointed :( I was in Venice, Italy for two days.. it was a pretty nice place, I liked everything except for the food. The one thing I was looking forward to the most. We went to a restaurant right beside the water on the patio, and I ordered some spaghetti... honestly it was the shittiest spaghetti I have ever eaten. The pasta was still kind of hard, and the meat sauce just tasted like shit. Funny thing is, it cost 70 euros for 3 of us... and honestly frozen food tasted better then this crap.

    Not only was it so terrible, but they gave about 1/4 of a proper serving lmfao. I had some pizza after on the walk back, that was pretty good though (nothing special). The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel, it was also pure shit haha.

    It was really disappointing to say the least, they obviously take advantage of tourists in areas like this. I bet the food outside of Venice was way better :(

    I also had some ice cream later that day from a small ice cream shop, the ice cream was awesome :smoke:
  2. one word

  3. Haha, well too late now.. drove back to Hungary (where im staying for the rest of my vacation) today. If I go to Italy next time, im definitely going to try and find somewhere with good authentic italian food... not cheap ass scams for tourists :smoke:

    Damn Hotel Room didnt have wifi, i wanted to look up a nice restaurant but noo :( haha
  4. it was a little hard due to pasta in Italy is usually prepared al dente style. which is to leave it a little firm or hard in the center and not completely cook it like we are used to in America.

    northern italy like venice is also more known for their sea foods, and southern italy is more known for pastas and pizzas

    i enjoyed most of the food i had in venice, but i am not a huge sea food fan. i has my best italian food in this small restaurant in Rome a friend showed me who lived there. it was amazing. the best pizza i had there was definately from Naples.

    edit: i forgot to mention there are also a lot of touristy restaurants that aren't very good, and just appeal to catch tourists and serve lower quality food like you mentioned. and for the portions, that is one thing i wasn't fond of either. most places had much smaller portions than i was used to except for a few restaurants, but they were more local places and not the touristy ones for sure
  5. Ah alright, the pasta would have been fine if the whole dish wasnt totally horrible in the first place :D

    btw yeah there was a ton of seafood, im not fond of it either though. I drove from Hungary to Italy... so I wouldnt want to drive to southern italy just for the food :smoke:

    Im sure a lot of local smaller restaurants give quality food with great big european portions :smoke: The restaurant I went to had the bullshit portions you see on TV where the chefs just try to make it look good haha. I should have looked around to see what people were eating, then I would have noticed and went to another restaurant :(

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