Venice Beach

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  1. today me and my friends went to Venice. I haven't been there in a few years and its still the same, same hobos who take my food out of trashcan after Im done. Stoners everywhere asking for money for bud. head shops all along the walk. We pretty much kicked it there all day, smoked some joints and got some grub. When we were looking at some shops I saw that there was no one at one and it had lots of weed trinkets and stuff. There just laying out on a table. I snag a bracelet and thought I got it then out of no where some jamaican guy comes out of no where, puts his arm around me and starts talking to me. he knew I took it and was just talking to me about jamaica and all this shit I cant remember. He looked faded they he started laughing told me to put the bracelet back and ask us if we wanted to smoke a j with him. It was a pretty fun day for what I can remember. :wave:
  2. You were shoplifting?
  3. uh are you retarded? he clearly stated that he snagged the bracelet... pay attention.

  4. What the hell bro. Yes I saw that he said that he snagged the bracelet. I was making a comment on how after all the story he told, all I could get from it was he was a thief. Chill you fat fuck.
  5. You blades are funny ass hell man yeah Venice is always sweet.
  6. [​IMG]

    Hahaahaha ++REP
  7. HAHAHA i like how every one is laughing except the guy next he is like fuck this is going to hurt
  8. why would you steal in venice thats like stoner heaven you cant steal there also you cant blaze there on weekends cops just sit in alleys waiting for stoners to try and sneak a toke
  9. Gotta question for u venice beach pros. I was there about 2 weeks ago and as i was walking the "strip" as i call it, there was this dude sorta advertising for medical marijuana. Im wondering if any of u ever took him up on his offer and went upstairs to smoke? This might sound fishy to many which is why i didnt go upstairs but i seen a few people walking in and out of the place looking way under the influence. :smoke:

    Maybe im just a typical stoner and was paranoid but it seems like it could b a trap or an easy way to get caught up by the pigs. Hmmmm anyways, sorry for the ramble
  10. Have somebody with a legit permit or whatever to take him up that way not harm is done either way :p

    But that sounds like a good time. Atleast the Jamaican guy was chill about you trying to steal.. and you got high out of the deal.
  11. I don't go to Venice very often, but it's nice. I'm not very popular with the Rastas though. A lot of them make mean faces at me.

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